Judge: Jerry Sandusky Can See Grandkids, Have Local Jury

By Oren Liebermann

BELLEFONTE, Pa. (CBS) — Jerry Sandusky, the defendant in a child sex abuse case, will be allowed to see his grandchildren, according to a judge’s order issued Monday morning.

The grandchildren will be allowed to visit the former Penn State defensive coordinator at his home, as long as one parent is present to supervise the visit. Sandusky will also be allowed to talk to his grandchildren online and on the phone with parental supervision.

The judge allowed Sandusky to submit a list of 12 adult visitors, outside of his immediate family, to authorities. With prior approval, those visitors will be allowed to see Sandusky one at a time at his home. The visits will be limited to two hours, three times a week. But the judge pointed out authorities are not required to approve any visits.

The judge rejected prosecutors’ requests to confine Sandusky to his house and to bar him from going outside. Instead, Sandusky will be allowed to leave his house with his lawyers to prepare his defense, but only if he submits his request with 36 hours advance notice.

The jury for the upcoming trial, intended to start May 14, will come from Centre County. Prosecutors requested a jury from outside the county to avoid any connection to Sandusky or the victims. But Sandusky and his lawyers wanted a jury from inside the county, and the judge granted their request.

The judge also ordered prosecutors to provide Sandusky with the names, dates, times, and locations of the victims and the alleged abuse. Prosecutors will not have to specify exactly what type of abuse occurred.

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  1. Mother Nature says:

    this POS is being set up by the Judge. Now he can’t ask for a mistrial after he loses because he is getting his “local jury”, most of whom will be hating his guts for killing JoPa.

  2. george says:

    everyone thought i was kidding… this guy is going to WALK… do you realize how much money that SCHOOL has to pass around…

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