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Remembering Whitney Houston

51313175 101 Remembering Whitney Houston

The world lost a spectacular singer on Saturday. Whitney Houston, who died Saturday in Los Angeles of unknown causes, touched the lives of many with her compassion and her lyrics. Take a moment to share what Whitney and her songs meant to you.


One Comment

  1. Peter says:

    Whoops, I mean my thoughts and prayers are with the family or something like that

    1. Mrblue says:

      @ Peter, Anyone who is in the media and affects some people’s lives will have people comment their thoughts. Amy Winehouse made some good music, but who did not see her demise comming? and comment about her life style, Micheal Jackson made some good music, but some people did not like all the plastic and fake straight hair to try to become white with rythem, People comment on wako jako. Any now you got Whitney hitting rocks before a big grammy party only to expire at 48 thats discusting, And people will comment on that. So Peter you have my permission to STFU!

  2. Mrblue says:

    Divas and young boys wile doing crack = death…If she had a REAL man instead of boys she would be with us. Girls reading this…you mature faster than boys your own age so get a real man who will love you enouth to protect you from yourself

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