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Philadelphia Center Calls On Women To Show Their Inner Beauty And Go Makeup-Free

By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A local eating disorder treatment center wants you to leave the make up at home for one day and show the world your inner beauty.

The Renfrew Center in Philadelphia has launched a campaign to get women to leave off their makeup on Monday, February 27th and share their naked beauty on Facebook and Twitter. Leslie Toomer, Admissions Manager, says it stems for a survey conducted by the eating disorders center.

“Forty-four percent of women have negative feelings when they’re not wearing makeup, and almost half of women wear makeup to hide flaws in their skin, and so the negative body image can promote feelings of anxiety, isolation, [and] self-consciousness leading to unhealthy behaviors,” explains Toomer.

The day without makeup is part of National Eating Disorders Awareness week.

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One Comment

  1. Molly Barker says:

    Check out The Naked Face Project at Two women, sixty days, no makeup, no primping.

  2. Zzbar says:

    I once went with this lady that always wore make-up. She was as ugly as can be. One day I come home early and she did not have on the make-up. Boy, was she beautiful. I told her she looked beautiful and the next day she was gone (forever).
    Moral of the story; Stop hiding behind the make-up you “might” be beautiful.
    For the record, Mrbluesays, black women with blonde hair is not real, just plain flugly.

  3. Hater says:

    Yeah! I agree with whatever the f**k Mrblue said.

  4. Mrbluesays says:

    And put away those stinking ghetto hotcombs and wigs and funny looking weaves and smelly chemicals destroying your natural curl in order to wear a fake false phoney straight hairdo to be “pretty” fake white. Women of color look better with curl. All black women hates her own hair and wish white womans hair ontop of their heads. But you don’t look real

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