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By Steve Tawa

Philadelphia (CBS) – While she’s getting settled in as the new City Commissioners Chairwoman at Philadelphia City Hall, Stephanie Singer continues to unearth relics from the past.

The latest include very old rubber stamps, with some interesting political parties.

Before the marvel of the computer, and before that, the typewriter, there were ink stamps.

“They’re the kind of stamp you press on an ink pad, and stamp it onto a piece of paper,” said singer.

At some point in Philadelphia’s history, the names on the watcher certificates were recognized political parties, beyond the well-worn and stained Democratic and Republican parties.

“Slightly less worn are the libertarian party and constitutional party. Others are pristine like the civic party, we have the progressive party, the consumer party, the socialist worker’s party, the labor party, and, my favorite of all, the Prohibition Party,” said Singer.

Reporter: where’s the tea party?

Singer: (laughs) “When the tea party manages to become an organized political party in the state of pa, maybe we’ll make up a tea party stamp just for them just to join the collection.”

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