Philadelphia City Commissioners To End Double-Dipping By Poll Workers

By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Working Election Day in Philadelphia will no longer mean that hundreds of municipal poll workers will collect double pay.

Elected in November, and on the job since January, city commissioner Stephanie Singer says a previous audit by the city controller’s office found some poll workers applying for and getting double pay.

“By this I mean one person working for one day, and getting paid for two jobs,” Singer explains.  “We’re stopping it.”

She says it’s not fiscally responsible, and may be illegal.

“And it’s certainly not fair to all of the people out there who would like to work on the election boards,” Singer adds.

She acknowledges that they’ll have to do a better job of recruiting workers to pull election day duty.  A staff report in the commissioners’ office indicated more than 300 people were paid for multiple election day jobs in November.

During most elections, each of the city’s 1,687 polling places has five paid positions for the 14-hour shift: a judge of elections, a majority inspector, a minority inspector, a clerk, and a machine inspector.

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  1. Francis Graff says:

    A once senator Lynch was sued for using the term “double dipping”. His very own secretary at the time was the accused. she won her case. While I am with you Commissioner on this, be careful and name the guilty only. Now if we can just change the way things are done at the polls, maybe we can get a fair election in this town I love so much.

  2. proud Philadelphian says:

    The City Commissioners office will be a model for all other government agencies to look toward for honesty and transparency, which is long overdo in this region.

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