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Michael Vick Most Disliked Athlete, Poll Says

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you go to Lincoln Financial Field on any given Fall Sunday, the number of Michael Vick jerseys in the crowd would suggest that he’s very popular. Outside of the stadium however, it seems people feel a little bit differently.

Forbes magazine combined surveys conducted by Nielson and E-Poll Market research to determine who the most disliked people in sports are. Vick topped the list, followed by Kris Humphries (New Jersey Nets), Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez (New York Yankees) and Kurt Busch (NASCAR) rounding out the top four.

To find out about what factors went into the study, and see who else made the top ten, read the rest of the article HERE.

What do you think, does Michael Vick deserve to be at the top of this list? Let us know in the comments.

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  • petluvr

    Awesome ! He totally deserves the title! @Mrblue – this is not about how much money he makes at all. He’s an unrepentant dog killer and waste of a human being. For all the money in the world I would not want to be like this man.

    • mrbluesays

      Have you ever stepped on a bug? is that life more than killer dogs fighting? Mike Vick rved his time … lets move on, Mike Vick is good for the sorry igglesy azz

  • Dee

    He is a despicable monster

    • Mrblue

      And your just dispicable period. Your mad cause you will never have as much money as Mike Vick in your dispicable life

    • petluvr

      Agreed !!!! He is a POS !

      • mrbluesays

        When we get into the playoffs …. bend over and kiss your own butt. Mike Vick is good!

  • Lee in NJ

    he isn’t that good of a quarterback……can’t stand his sarcastic smiles and walk…when are the eagles getting a new quarterback….one without the felon hanging onto their name?

    • Mrblue

      Vick don’t like you either…smiling all the way to the bank… Its not Vick people don’t like, its that front line and Reids play calls

  • Mike in Philly

    The difference between the Eagles and the top teams who go to and win superbowls is that their Quarterbacks run when they want to INSTEAD of running because they HAVE TO like on the Eagles… As for Mr. Vick everyone does make mistakes, maybe not as bad as his, but he deserves a second chance. the question is whether the second chance is to be on an NFL team… the Eagles have really given him an opportunity to do the right thing from now on…He owes everyone the effort of playing the hardest he can and doing good in the community – then that will be how he could be remembered

  • Mike in Philly

    “gotta do a better job”… “next question”…..

  • dog lover

    he certainly deserves to be on the top of the list. He should have been banned from the NFL for life.

    • petluvr

      Agreed !

      • mrbluesays

        No fool Mike Vick goes his job well

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