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Shippensburg University To Offer Plan B Contraception From Vending Machine

SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. (CBS) – At Shippensburg University, students can now get more than snacks from a vending machine.

The college is now making the “morning after” pill available through a vending machine.

The “Plan B” emergency contraception can be obtained through a vending machine in the health center and each dose costs $25.

University officials say they will not make any money from the sales.

“The machine is really used as much for privacy as anything else,” Dr. Roger Serr, Vice President of Student Affairs said.

The pill can be legally sold over-the-counter to anyone 17 years of age or older.

Plan B contains hormones which are meant to disrupt ovulation or prevent fertilization from occurring.

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  • rawheadrex

    Why do visions of product liability lawyers licking their chops dance in my head.

    • Oh boy

      Yes. Wait til these girls experience the severe cramping and nausea. No one will warn these girls they will be sick for a few days as their hormones try to balance and their body cope.

      This is wrong. A doctor or atleast an RN should prescribe and give the warnings.

  • Alvin Marcott

    eternal damnation has never been so easy and accessible!!! what convenience!

    • B

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Note: I am laughing at your clear misunderstanding and ignorance of scientific fact and not at your poor attempt at humor.

  • Vicki

    HAS nothing to do with religion, you idiot! This sort of hormone pill has lots of side effects if taken like if it was candy! Making this available will only encourage girls to have more sex without protection which can lead to other diseases and possible long-term effects to fertility! Don’t you think that girls worry more about getting pregnant than getting an STD or some other gynecological problem? More than that, they don’t worry about any of this at all when they have sex.

    YOUR kind of thinking is what is getting our young people and our healthcare system into a world of more problems! Stop being so stupid!

    • lewr2

      What gets young people into trouble isn’t telling the truth about what this is. Opening your legs before responsible is more likely the culprit. Also, parents who don’t do their job as they should. Also, govt. who says it’s perfectly acceptable to do these things and then ENCOURAGES them to do it!

  • Disgusted

    Maybe the Mayans WERE right…..

  • sandiego1969

    … and people say kids attending Shippensburg University don’t learn anything.

  • 2012Appocalypse

    Will they be dispensing SOMA also?

    “Brave new world”, read, learn and weep

  • Islam LOVES your unborn

    Plan C is in the works now which involves a “state official” coming to your home and punching your pregnant daughter in the stomach. Do not worry about payment as a portion of your federal taxes supporting “OBAMA-CARE” should cover the expense.

    • JohnDave

      This made me chuckle. Very good! At least though, the universities aren’t trying to make it mandatory and paid for by taxes. The Obonzo machine has no sense, no morals, and no chance of getting reelected. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

      • Tim Haile

        “Praising the Lord and passing the ammunition” may by our only remaining recourse!

  • denver bill

    “The machine is really used as much for privacy as anything else,” Dr. Roger Serr, Vice President of Student Affairs said.

    Yeah, because everyone knows you have a lot of privacy at a vending machine on a college campus.

  • Lilypad

    We have reduced the value of life to a $25 debit charge. Americans pay more for their AKC puppies or a tank of gas.

    • alang

      Coming from the same side of the board that celebrated the death of a man who tried to steal a cell phone. The pork you eat hat the intellectual capacity of a three year old.

      • JohnF

        Hardly alang, do you always lump everybody you disagree with into one homgenous group?

    • John Fox

      The pill prevents fertilization or prevents attachment to the uterine walls, it does not abort a fetus that has already connected to the uterine walls. It only works if taken within three days, and is most effective if taken immediately. After 4 days, a fertilized egg only has around 16 cells, hardly a human life.

      There are a small minority that feel that life begins at fertilization. They don’t have to buy it, and have no right to force their will upon others.

      • asdasd

        But life begins at conception. God is pro abortion.

      • JohnF

        “There are a small minority that feel that life begins at fertilization. ”

        Not quite John, I’m not sure where you get that. Below is a link to an international poll that says 23% of people believe life starts at conception. That’s internationally, I’d say that is much higher in the US.

      • JohnF

        Actually John, it is not up to you or me to determine when life begins. We do not define truth. It begins when ever it begins and our opinions have no bearing on that. Since no one can prove what human life is or when it starts it is the right of the state to protect that life. It is akin to a hunter shooting at a bush because he thinks a deer is in it, even though he doesn’t know for certain. The state can forbid that and rightly so. What is in the bush is in the bush and the hunter’s opinion of the matter is irrelevent.

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  • Over and Done

    We’re no longer on the “slippery slope” we are OVER it and headed to the bottom. Enjoy the crash!

    • Mark

      When social conservatives are screaming apocalypse that means someone is now living with more freedom.

  • Lillith Goby

    Dumb girls of today who have bought into the free love idea and service the boys without making them pay the $25 up front. Asking them the day after, one might find that the noble knight has just forgotten he never knew you, having just met the night before in the local tavern.

    Or maybe the guys will foot the bill and pull out at the opportune moment like they used to the condom in the wallet. STD time, no condoms? The dems ought to get in on this, tsk, tsk discussion?

    One thing hasn’t changed, it is the girl who pays, just as Bill Clinton’s use of a young intern bears her name and shame, not his.

  • Yippppeeeee!

    Not too worry about stress from class work and making the grade. Now, everyone will get laid. Best stress reliever known to man kind.

    • Z1

      Sounds real good, but what is this new push for anti pregnancy pills??
      Anyone else noticing this uptick

      We are in some interesting time

  • lukuj

    These are going to be overused and, in a few years, they are going to discover there are serious health side effects. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if it is eventually found they cause infertility, cysts, endometriosis, or worse. Once again we are encouraging people to be irresponsible rather than actually planning ahead or using self-control. 10 years from now those same people will be screaming when they are sick or can’t have kids because of these pills.

  • Steve Roberts

    This is outrageous. I mean, shouldn’t the govt. be paying that $25? Charging students is a violation of their human rights to have unprotected sex whenever and wherever without any consequences whatsoever.

    • Lilypad

      Don’t worry Steve…this will be covered under federal medical insurance plans so students will be able to claim it as a medical tax deduction. I am sure every church-affiliated college or university will now be required to provide these machines on their campuses or face losing federal student loan money.

  • big air


  • Blatz

    Beer vending machines are not far off. Had them in Japan for decades.


    • Mark Langley

      So what? That has nothing to do with this. This is going to get worse when some guy slips one of these pills in a girl’s drink who he’s been sleeping with, without her knowledge. Liberals will give it the big shoulder shrug, though. After all, the world just dodged another baby.

  • Tom Gill

    Unbelievable. I am convinced the apocalypse is near. Ugh. How we have lost out cultural, spiritual and economic standing is no surprise. I am just going start preparing my family for the inevitable collapse of this country by getting all of these items on this website:
    Hopefully that is enough to save us..

    • asdasd

      I thought you believed that Jesus was supposed to save you.


      Wow you really bought into that?

      • Mark

        It’s so funny.

  • Ditsy Schlutz

    That’s an awesome idea. If these pills are safe, this will totally prove it.

  • Adam

    How many goodly creatures are there here!
    How beauteous mankind is!
    O brave new world,
    That has such people in it!

  • Steve

    How is giving women a greater chance for breast cancer (via emergency contraception) supposed to build up their dignity?

  • Clumbaby

    Bravo Shippensburg! I am happy to see that religious dogma hasn’t clouded your judgement.

  • Eric

    How can they get around the regulation of asking for ID (to verify the patient is >17 y.o.) with this in a vending machine?

    • William Hofmeister

      Excellent point. I would assume their answer would be it is only accessible to their students and they are all 17 or over. The reality is they probably don’t care. Funny, we had to get rid of cigarette vending machines because of underage use. Guess actually killing a child is different than just affecting one’s health.

      • Carol

        Love it!

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