Exclusive: ‘Sneaky’ Female Duo Captured On Tape Swiping Wallets

By Elizabeth Hur

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A warning for women – if you plan on a night out on the town, hang onto your purse and keep a close eye on your wallet.

Sounds like a no brainer, right?

But sneaky thieves, at times, still get away with your valuables. It happened to one woman inside a Fishtown bar. What’s quite unique about this case? The three women suspected of committing the crime are all caught on tape.

“Very attractive and very well dressed, somebody you would never look or suspect,” Robert Bitros said.

The suspects did manage to get away. But Bitros says the eight surveillance cameras in and outside his business, Interstate Drafthouse, caught their every move on the evening of January 25th.

“One sat at the bar, two sat at a table,” Bitros explained.

According to the bar owner, the two women who chose the table are responsible for stealing another woman’s wallet right out her purse. What you see on the surveillance video, he first posted on Youtube, is what happened next. The suspect with long hair is seen on the video waiting for her friend to pay their bill. When that friend leaves, the long haired woman taps on the back of their third friend seated at the bar. The cameras outside then caught the first two running away, their other friend wasn’t far behind them.

Bitros added, “I just hope they do something about it.”

He’s is now talking about the police who, after Eyewitness News informed them about the existence of the video, sent out an investigator to follow up on the incident. Bitros says he’s doing his part hoping to prevent this from happening again at his establishment.

“In our bar, we have the hooks under the bar for women’s pocket books and now we’re putting hooks on all the tables,” Bitros said.

Police say now with the discovery of the video, investigators hope to identify the three women involved with help from the public.

One of the women is said to have a tattoo of stars on her right cheek. All three are described as black females possibly in their 20s.


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  1. lilbrick says:

    I feel your pain Upset 25. Everyone keep an eye out for these type of miscreants. They are everywhere picking up belongings wherever they can. And I bet on the other hand they’re receiving some sort of gov’t entitlement ! The only thing that will change their motivations is the threat of a long jail sentence or the discharge of a firearm to the upper body. When they get the message, they crime will subside. These criminals don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. One day when they believe they’ve hit the “jackpot”, they may find out later that someone may set them up with a dose of poison. :o

  2. Keri W says:

    My purse was stolen on February 5, 2012 around 12:30am at a located at Ashton and Willits in the far northeast- The bar owner has the theft on security camera but thieves got away, the theft- a Hispanic in his 20’s in a green and white striped hoodie sits in front of my purse/clutch and shoves it under his hoodie and is seen walking out of the bar single file with 3 other males of same ages…
    My purse snap has cost me $550 as of today. My purse contents: House keys, Car Keys, Phone, Cash, Driver’s license, and Credit Card.
    The thief used my debit card just a few blocks away at the Hess gas station. Of course I filed the police report (which to them is small potatoes but to me a single mother and a full-time worker struggling to makes ends meet it is quite devastating and makes you not want to go out and enjoy yourself in this city). I have taken all the necessary steps in safe-guarding my safety but I am still nervous that my information is in hands of awful that will obviously do whatever they can to get what they want… I work hard for my money and for someone to take it away and my identity is beyond upsetting.. I haven’t felt safe since this happen.
    Philadelphia people….. Be careful and attentive to all that is around you because it is a high price to pay for a night out in this town, I will opt to stay in over this any day.
    And may sure your phones are locked- if you store personal or financial information think twice before creating the easy access for anyone that picks up your phone. I have learned the hard way that even when you try to be cautious someone is waiting for their chance to take an open opportunity.

    Upset 25 year old female Philadelphian

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