Ray Didinger: Michael Vick Is A Bigger Problem Than Andy Reid

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — After watching the rival New York Giants win their second Super Bowl in five years, many Philadelphia Eagles fans were left to wonder, “could that be us next year?”

The Eagles will go into the 2012 NFL season with Andy Reid has its head coach for the 14th year, and Michael Vick as its quarterback for the third straight season. Can Reid and Vick pull off what Coughlin and Manning did? Legendary Philadelphia football writer Ray Didinger says it’s possible, but not likely, and the biggest problem might not be Andy Reid.

“Could they do it? Yeah, I guess you could say they could do it, ” Didinger said of the Eagles chances when he spoke to 94 WIP’s Angelo Cataldi and The Morning team on Monday. “The likelihood of them doing it? I would say no. I think that that’s part of the problem. I think it’s maybe the quarterback more than the coach. There’s never been a quarterback like Mike Vick, there’s never been a quarterback who plays the position like he plays it that’s won a world championship. You look at all the guys who have won it, you look at all the guys who have won Super Bowls, and they’ve all played from the pocket. You know, the scramblers, the runners, the highlight film guys, the ones who we said were going to change the game, well they are, but they’re not winning Super Bowls.”

As for Eli Manning, who took home his second Super Bowl MVP trophy (only Joe Montana has three), “he’s punched his ticket to the Hall Of Fame,” Didinger said.

Do you think the Eagles can win a Super Bowl with Andy Reid and Michael Vick? Let us know in the comments.



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One Comment

  1. j says:

    putrid article. not only have scrambling qbs won super bowls and elway and young after “experts” considered them incapable of doing that, but as some people have rightly mentioned, the eagles’ offensive line has been poor for some time now. reid actually got mudd and washburn because the defense couldn’t pressure qbs (now the front four harass qbs all game, but the lbs and defensive backs can’t stop the run or the pass) and the o-line wasn’t doing its part. the eagles were one of the most productve offenses last season, but vick got hit a lot in the pocket, and there’s no short yardage or goal line running game. nothing in that is vick’s fault. reid’s working and changing to fix that, and it might still work out.

  2. Yusef Shakur says:

    steve young was considered a scrambler and he one one so save it

  3. jmt8251 says:

    The reason they have moderators on these sites is because they want us all to believe the lies they write. John Elway one a SB, Steve Young won a SB, Aaron Rodgers won a SB, Michael Vick can do everything these QB’s did and more. It is time to stop the lies and be honest because your facts don’t support your argument, but your prejudices do.

  4. American u says:

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  5. Jay says:

    Vick has already come within 1 game of the superbowl before……with much, much less talent around him! I am a huge Vick fan so I am biased, but I really and trully believe in the 2012 season the Eagles will win it all. Here is my prediction : Eagles vs Steelers in an epic Superbowl!!!

  6. Joseph says:

    Seriously, Spike, look at your second paragraph. “Has its” twice???? It’s “as their” both times. The Eagles are not an “its” and lol at thinking they are. And how do you mess up “as” with “has” two times? And I see you added “the” in front “biggest problem” at the end of the paragraph. I see you even fixed the Vick part, but not the Reid part. Honestly, Just trying to help you here, but this seems like a 12-year-old with ZERO writing experience wrote this. Jeez, don’t you have an editor?

  7. choice1329 says:

    Lets hold up on Brady with the three rings, funny thing he got those rings during the time his coach Belichick was cheating, odd the Patriots haven’t been able to get a ring since they were caught.

  8. Ben Kreider says:

    Not to nit pick facts, but, Montana has 4 rings instead of the 3 mentioned. Bradshaw also has 4 and Brady has 3,

    1. Jeff says:

      The article says Montana has 3 MVP trophies, not Super Bowl rings.

    2. Me says:

      the statement was not about superbowl rings …it was about superbowl MVP awards

  9. choice1329 says:

    And another thing most if not all teams who have won superbowls have been together for some years. This team has not been together for some years, actually this was Vick’s first year as the starting qb, lets not forget who the starter was in 2010, sure wasn’t Vick. Had it not been for Vick, the Eagles would have had to losing seasons back to back.

  10. Wayne says:

    Vick is not the problem. We had the same issues when Donavan Mcnabb was at Philly…..no protection. If you look how long Brady, Rogers, P. Manning have in the pocket, there is no comparison. Vick is running around like a chicken with his head cut off. They are now trying to make him a pure pocket passer, liike they did to Donavan. Get an O line in from of him, and let him run when he has to, and you’ll see this team turn around.

    1. Jordan says:

      I agree that Vick isn’t the problem. I really like Vick and think that he’s really been the success for us in a lot of games. Personally, Ive always liked quarterbacks that can move with the ball and run, but I think Vick has become better at judging when to tuck it and run during his stay in Philly than he ever was in Atlanta.

      But I do not really think that the o-line was the problem after the halfway mark in this season and I don’t think that it will be a problem in the near future. Herremans and Peters are outstanding and Kelce and Watkins, despite taking some time to really settle in, have shown great potential and promise for the future. Being that I played offensives line for 5 years, I learned one thing more-so than any other; the offensive line needs to be the tightest and closest unit on the field. There NEEDS to be more chemistry there than anywhere else. As corny as it sounds, these guys really need to be able to trust each other when they have the other teams defense lined up against them. Coming from personal experience, I played on a team where three people started out the season with a shot a playing my sides guard (I was the RT) and trying to build chemistry with that unit was so difficult for me and my center. We were hesitant to respond to any blitz or late pick-up because we weren’t sure if the guard knew to take our original man and this led to poor play. The point I’m trying to make is that unless you are completely comfortable playing with the guy next to you, you don’t play as well as you should . This was the result of an incredibly shortened off season and the acquisition and starting of two rookies. Around Week 8 or so, however, they started to really put everything together and play at a much higher caliber. They followed through with this, in my opinion, very well till the end of the season and, again in my opinion, will continue to do this for the next few years to come.

      With a new solid o-line under Mudd, Vick coming back and hopefully staying healthy, the defense playing the kind of superbowl caliber play that we thought it would at the beginning of the season, we’re just waiting on our receiver situation (I really hope D-Jax comes back), I, not only as a fan but as a sports enthusiast, see the Eagles as a real contender in 2012.

      Let’s Go Philly!

  11. Kmass says:

    Sick of all the asinine statements about VIck as a championship calibre qb. Ray DIddy has had an issue with Vick before he was a starter. So anything he says out of his mouth about the guy reeks of bias. Here’s the same guy that believed Kolb was the guy and would’ve developed into a pretty decent qb. How’d he do down there in Arizona?

    For those that just like to read into what they are reading. All of Vicks injuries last year came while he was IN THE POCKET. Vick scrambles on average 7 times a game. So all this “scrambling” qb nonsense is just that. He runs for his life when he needs to. Heck there are times that he holds the ball TOO LONG because he is trying to make a play with his arm. Hence a lot of his injuries last year IN THE POCKET.

    The one thing that the Eagles need to get a championship is to have him as well as all of their key players HEALTHY down the stretch (no brainer) and more 4th quarter consistency on BOTH sides of the ball. But saying the Eagles can’t win with Vick at the helm

  12. lou says:

    I still have a problem with Andy Reid, His management and communications skills. And his reaction to Eagles losses. There is definitely something wrong there. He is suppose to be the Eagles Coach. Not one of the players. And that goes for his communications with quarterbacks also.

  13. grumpy says:

    Food for thought:
    Coach Bill Cowher.
    Quarterback Peyton Manning.

  14. bob says:

    Eli Manning is NOT a HOF QB. He’s the most overrated QB in history and has a supporting cast doing most of the work. He’ll never get into the hall.

  15. Coop says:

    I guess that means that guys like Joe Montana, Steve Young, & John Elway didn’t scramble. They just need to prove they can win consistently in the clutch! I’ve give Vick a slight advantage over Reed there but both need to get better.

  16. Dot Comm says:

    As for Eli Manning, who took home his second Super Bowl MVP trophy (only Joe Montana has three), “he’s punched his ticket to the Hall Of Fame,” Didinger said.

    Guess that statement means that Big Ben has his ticket punched also.

  17. Tim Williams says:

    I’m not a believer that a person (or team) can’t win playing a certain way simply because it hasn’t been done. That’s to assume that the game doesn’t change yet as we know football changes more frequently than perhaps any other American sport.

    The NFL today is all about making the playoffs. Once you’re in almost everyone has a shot to win the Super Bowl. It depends on matchups, coaching, and luck. I’m usually the most negative fan this side of the Linc but I saw a lot of positives with the Eagles to close out the season, and saw a lot of weaknesses with the rest of the league that presents opportunity.

    So it’s possible to win a Super Bowl with Michael Vick, with Andy Reid, with Juan Castillo, and whoever. To say otherwise in this NFL is underplaying how wide open things are.

  18. Giants Fan says:

    Andy Reid and Micheal Vick are Great! Please dont ever get rid of them!

    1. Monique Mitchell says:

      Thank you we will and still beat NYG each time. I still play DeSean Jackson punt return…it was great. LOL

  19. Mista Shock says:

    The Eagles set offensive records last year, Vick delivered 5 4th quarter leads at home. Denver proved that if your defense is strong, you can win games and that was with Alex Smith and Tim Tebow!!! Ray, please retire and give me a break!

  20. Nate Parks says:

    Ray Didinger is spot on here. I totally respect everything the man says. It’s just another issue on the long list of problems within the Philadelphia Eagle Organization. It really is time to change things up. It’s unfair to the fanbase to drag us along for another season of false hope

    1. choice1329 says:

      Well then stop being a fan.

  21. tidnab says:

    Ben Roethlisberger is white and therefore “plays from the pocket”. That’s the biggest thing I learned from reading this article.

  22. John Ellis says:

    No. Just biding time winning 8-10 games every year with Vick, but realistically they can’t win it all with him. Too small, too injury prone with his style, too careless with the ball, and just too erratic.

    However, you have to recognize LeSean McCoy’s success on the ground is partly due to Vick and DeSean Jackson. Teams LB’s worried about Vick’s running and their safeties worried DeSean’s deep threat opens things up for McCoy. Without 1 or the other or both, McCoy’s numbers would suffer.

    But yeah overall they need a different QB.

  23. Phili1 says:

    Yes they can and will this season after both Reid & Vick experience their first offseason together with the first team members since Vick became a starter here. The rookies on the Oline along with the Oline now having some experience with their new Oline coach and his system will produce real and consistant pockets for Vick to set up and pass from(both rookies brought to our attention that the game was far faster than college and that it would take time to adapt). As far as Vick sliding, he’s far to fast to take a chance at jamming his cleats into the turf as he did when he was in Atlanta in his 2003 season damaging his ankle(he’s not as slow as other QB’s to take chances like that). Give them and this staff their first full season together before you pass judgement, jeez….

  24. former eagles fan says:

    JEFF LURIE is the problem. A lousy owner!!

    1. choice1329 says:

      Jeff Lurie is lousy and you’re sitting behind a computer writing on blogs. Take a moment and think about that comment, but keep in mind that Lurie is the billionaire………………………………… Ok times up, now who’s lousy? I personally get the feeling it ain’t Jeff Lurie.

  25. Alvin Simpson says:

    Let me say this, “The Philadelphia Eagles will never win a Super Bowl with Andy Reid as head coach. ” For the Eagles to even have a chance Mike Vick must change his game and become a pocket quarterback and stay healthy. And finally, RUN THE FOOTBALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Leosden40 says:

      Alvin – you have perfectly stated the 2 MAIN points killing the Eagles. Reid and not running the football more. Running creates the easy passing and not the other way around. Passing begets passing is all. Reid is still coaching the same way as always. The only change was Juan and his scheme but Any – same ole same ole. We know exactly what will happen in each game next year. Sadly, so do all the other teams!

    2. jt says:

      The Eagles ran the ball very well this season. Finished ranked #5 in the entire league. At one point, Eagles were #1 rushing team in the league prior to Vick getting hurt. If Vick played entire season, I have no doubt Eagles would have had #1 or #2 ranked rushing offense

      1. Alvin Simpson says:


        Yes, that is true but the issue is consistency. Andy Reid isn’t consistent with running the football. He is a pass happy coach. When they run the ball with some consistency and do well Andy eventually abandons the run and goes back to throwing it. Throwing the ball is Andy Reid and it will never change. That is what’s so frustrating. We need consistency which we don’t have.

  26. Charlene Murphy says:

    I would love to be proved wrong but NO !:(

  27. Kevin Philly says:

    Michael Vick isn’t smart enough or works hard enough to be a Champion. He is not a leader anybody who has 29 giveaways and is injured 3-5 games a year then says he won’t slide and says Giveaways are no Big Thang..Looking in his eyes against GB last year on chuck to end zone he wanted game to end winner or loser a Candidate for the McNabb syndrome award.

    1. jt says:

      Vick’s performance this year reminds me of an inverted bell curve. He started out strong, ran into a lull, got injured, sat out several games and finally finshed on a high note. We need consistent performance from the QB position ALL SEASON and unfortunately, I know that Vick isn’t the answer. I only hope Eagles have a plan to groom the next starting QB next next season and absolve themselves of Vick’s contract after this season.

    2. Johnny says:

      Please post proof that Vick (post-incarceration) isn’t a hard worker.

    3. jmt8251 says:

      Eli Manning had 25 ints and 7 fumbles in 2010, he had 16 ints and 8 fumbles this season, I guess he is not smart either. Get your facts and make rational comments before you posts stupid comments. Of course we know this is Kevin kovich the stalker

  28. Marty Sklar says:

    If both Reid and Vick have proved anything it’s they can’t win the big one

  29. Ken says:

    I agree with bob.

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