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Over 20 Cars Found Covered In Racial Slurs Sunday Morning In Mayfair

Philadelphia (CBS) – Multiple cars were vandalized over night in the Mayfair section of the city.

Residents of the 3100, 3200, 3300 blocks of Knorr Street awakened to find over 20 vehicles spray painted with racial words as well as other words.

“For someone to come and do this, just randomly choose this neighborhood or this street, it’s ridiculous. It puts a bad vibe in the Mayfair section,” said Colleen Caputo, who was one of the residents whose car was spray painted.

Neighbors say the neighborhood is family-friendly and are wondering why this had to happen and who could have done the crime. With all of the messages the vandals left Sunday morning, the Mayfair residents have one message for them.

“Don’t come back, please don’t come back. I mean face up to it, do it when people are around” said Bob Hoffmeister.

In addition to spray paint, residents say some cars were covered in transmission fluid.

Northeast Detectives is investigating.

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One Comment

  1. bob says:

    hes my hero

  2. George says:

    Use WD 40 it will remove all spray paint with damage to the finish. it works

    1. noname says:

      what can you use that won’t damage the finish?

  3. Dave in Doylestown says:

    You are free to make a voluntary contribution. “The city” is the rest of us. Don’t spend our money

  4. Dave in Doylestown says:

    CBS3: Why did you publish photos ? You are helping the vandals!

  5. Bugs says:

    The city should pay for random acts of vandalism like these. It could raise criminal fines and tax drugs and thugs.

  6. Curious says:

    What were the slurs?

  7. JustMe says:

    This is just plain senseless. Please, oh PLEASE, tell me that there are surveillance cameras that caught these idiots. And please catch these jerks and get them off the streets. Make them pay for all the damage they’ve done.

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