Parents Charged With Endangering Children

NEW CASTLE, Del. (CBS) – Police in Delaware arrested and charged two parents with endangering the welfare of their children.

Authorities say Kevin Gries and Amanda Boyles kept a 5-year-old child and a 2-year-old child in a house filled with animal waste.

Police responded to their home in the 100 block of Stamm Boulevard for reports of an attack when they smelled an overwhelming odor coming from inside the house. Officers observed a dark colored substance spread throughout the hallway floor that appeared to be dog feces. After learning children were living in the home, detectives were assigned to investigate the case and discovered 11 dogs and 6 cats were also living in the home.

Authorities say the animals had been urinating and defecating throughout the home causing unsanitary conditions. Thick dust and heavy amounts of dirt were also found in various areas.

Eyewitness News spoke with Gries and Boyles who say the police are exaggerating.

“We clean everyday. It wasn’t a mess like they said,” said Boyles.

When asked why the home was in that condition when officers arrived, Gries declined to go into further detail.

“I love my kids. I’d do anything for them. My whole life, I’ve done nothing but take care of them,” said Gries.

The Division of Family Services was contacted and they deemed the home unfit for the children to live due to the conditions posing a risk to their well being, police said. The children have been temporarily placed with a family member.

The parents spent the evening cleaning their home and are determined to get their children back.

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  1. Tee Rex says:

    This entire family makes a good case for sterilization. 1. The grandparents were living there as well and obviously allowed their grandkids to live in filth, makes ya wonder if they raised the parents like that as well so this is “normal” to them. 2. What kind of delusional mindset must someone in their 20’s have to think they can not only care for 2 kids but 17 animals as well? 19 mouths to feed by a 20 year old woman and a 24 year old man who just got out of jail. 3. Nobody here is taking any responsibility for their actions- sorry but I don’t believe that this was a conspiracy by DHS and the police to take people’s kids and pets away. These two need to GROW UP and for the love of God, please do not produce any more children or acquire any more animals!

  2. whyonearth says:


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