Senator Pileggi Says A Delayed Date May Be Needed For The Pennsylvania Primary

By Tony Romeo

Philadelphia (CBS) – The majority leader of the Pennsylvania Senate says the April 24th primary may have to be delayed because of the chaos that’s resulted from the state Supreme Court’s decision to throw out the new map of state legislative districts.

A week and a half after it tossed the new map of state legislative districts; the state Supreme Court on Friday released its explanation for the decision, saying the new map unnecessarily splits political subdivisions.

The court has ruled that until a map it finds acceptable is ready, the districts drawn up a decade ago will remain in place. Hours after the court opinion was released, Chester Republican Dominic Pileggi, the Senate majority leader, said he was seeking a federal court injunction to block the use of the old map in the April 24th primary.

And Pileggi believes the whole mess may mean the Pennsylvania primary will have to be delayed.

“I think everybody who works in politics or follows politics in Pennsylvania is wondering if the primary should be moved,” says Pileggi’s spokesman, Erik Arneson.

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But Pileggi cannot say for now at what point delaying the primary might become a necessity.


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  1. Roger Howard says:

    Sen. Pileggi complains that the rejection of the redistricting plan for State legislative districts is “unprecedented.” The truth is that the failure of the redistricting commission is unprecedented. The redistricting commission forced the State Supreme Court to reject their plan by submitting an unconstitutional plan. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision is based on the precedent of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    Now, Sen. Pileggi and cohorts are filing suit in Federal Court to overturn the State Supreme court. The fact is that the U.S. Constitution does not grant the Federal Government the power to interfere in State elections for State officers. That is not to say that a Federal judge will not hear this case. Liberal and progressive legislators have used the courts to impose their unconstitutional will on the people for more than a hundred years. The papers that the leaders of the Pennsylvania General Assembly submitted to the Federal Court bear the imprimatur of arrogant politicians who prefer to force their laws on the people rather than do the work that the people elected them to do: write a constitutional redistricting plan.

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