By David Madden

MARLTON, N.J. (CBS) – A powerful Central Jersey Republican has thrown his hat into the ring for the chance to unseat Democrat incumbent US Senator Bob Menendez in November.

After almost a quarter century serving in Trenton, Joe Kryillos sees a leadership problem in Washington, with Menendez a big part of it.

“In New Jersey, we’re forging a path to fiscal sanity and personal responsibility. We’re turning things around. We need to do the same in our nation’s capital.”

State Senator Kryillos vows, if elected, to pursue a balanced budget amendment, simplify the federal tax code, and vote to repeal President Obama’s health care plan.

“We won’t hide from the tough choices. We’ll tackle our deficit not by raising taxes, as Menendez proposes, but by cutting spending,” he says. “And we’ll create jobs not by attacking the private sector, like Bob Menendez frequently does,  but by unleashing the forces of American innovation and free enterprise.”

Menendez’s campaign issued a statement labeling Kryillos a “Trenton insider” and say Menedez is proud to run on his record. Both men are likely to face a token challenge, if any, in the June primary.

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