By David Madden

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (CBS) — When he seeks re-election in the fall, freshman South Jersey congressman Jon Runyan could face the widow of the man he defeated a year and a half ago.

In 2008, John Adler became the first Democrat in more than a century to represent New Jersey’s heavily Republican Third Congressional District.

Two years later, Runyan ousted Adler, who passed away last April.

Now, Adler’s 52-year-old widow, Shelley, a lawyer and former Cherry Hill councilwoman, wants to pick up where her late husband left off.

“I wanted to continue my husband’s legacy of public service and trying to help middle-class families pursue a better life and better policies,” she said today.

She is, at this point, unopposed in the June primary.

Runyan, in a statement, welcomed Adler to the race and said he looked forward to a “spirited campaign.”  Part of that could center on the fact Cherry Hill has been redistricted out of the Third District.  Adler says she’ll move into the district if she’s elected.

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