By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s primary day in Florida and KYW Special Contributor Larry Kane says today’s election is not just about winning.

This has been the most vicious primary in the history of the Republican party. Harsh words have been thrown around between candidates. “Liar,” “incompetent” and “corrupt” come to mind.

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have been very personal in their attacks, especially since Gingrich took South Carolina.

Romney is expected to bounce back and win tonight but at great cost to his relations with the Tea Party movement. That could be critical in November. 

Gingrich could lose badly but one thing is certain; Gingrich and the other three are staying in, promising more political bloodletting between the wings of the party.

Gingrich is looking toward Super Tuesday, Rick Santorum toward the midwest and bible belt states, Ron Paul has been very quiet lately. Mitt Romney hopes that his real firewall of western states can help him in the Spring, if it gets to that.

Right now though, the risk-reward ratio of a scathing primary season is at its highest for everyone.


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