Pure-Breed Rats Becoming More Popular

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Registered pedigree pet rats are becoming more and more popular.

There are more than 30 people on a waiting list to adopt one of Brittany Golas’ rats from Ember of Passion Rattery in Eagleville.

“You can have a whole bunch of different coat types and colors. There are two different types of ears. You can have tailed or tailless.”

She says will take until the summer to get through the list, “We have had rats that have gone to Florida, Maine, Connecticut, we had a few go to Oregon. We have had requests to be sent over to Germany.”

Britney says rats are not like mice or gerbils. They’re more like dogs.

“They are very easily trainable. You can train them to know their name, to know simple commands. You can do miniature agility stuff with them as you would a dog.”

You can even leash train the little guys.

“All they want to do is just lick you and run all over you and just love you.”

There are different places throughout the year that hold shows similar to a dog or cat show. There are even agility competitions.

“If it’s a small show, it will be just a ribbon or a certificate, but if it’s a larger show we will get certificates and trophies.”

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One Comment

  1. sarah says:

    You should at least do some research before you write an article..There is no such thing as a “pure breed” for a rat.

  2. Laura Woods says:

    Fab article! :) Lovely to see more good press about well bred rats! ;)

    Laura Woods,
    Bongo Fury Rattery – Ireland.

  3. Amanda Lawrence says:

    I love my rats! They make amazing pets and I wish people wouldn’t judge them based on false or a lack of information and experience with them.

  4. Bella says:

    Rats make amazing pets!

  5. Ember OfPassion Rattery says:

    No, It is not. Thank you.

  6. engineer says:

    is this April fool day

  7. Charles says:

    They are such misunderstood creatures. So many bad things said about them that are not at all true.

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