Personal Physician May Help You Lose Weight

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you are trying to lose weight but are having difficulty there are many fad diets you can attempt and certainly some of them may lead to excellent results. But, the bigger question to ask is how things will be in the long run. Can you keep the weight off?

There may be help from someone you haven’t thought of when you are thinking about diet.

According to a report from the National Institutes of Health, your primary care physician might help you lose weight. The report stresses the importance of getting accurate information from your physician and to have a relationship that could be as simple as an occasional telephone call or e-mail.

If you have been struggling with your weight, it may be important to take the time to make an appointment for the purpose of trying to find ways to help knock off those unwanted pounds.

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  1. Ciprian Jitaru says:

    Very interesting article about weight lose, also, I found a very interesting guide about eating dessert and never get fat, you can check it here :

  2. amethyz says:

    Yah, and to help to lose weight you need to be risky and well disciplined towards what you eat.

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