Enchanting Orchids Exhibit

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Ooooh ORCHIDS! There’s nothing quite like the beauty of tropical plants to take you away from the cold and grey of a winter’s day, and you can enjoy a free exhibition of Enchanting Orchids, weekdays from 9 to 5, at the McLean Library on the 1st floor of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society at 20th & Arch Streets.

You’ll see a wide range – from easy-to-grow orchids that you find in the grocery store, to more exotic varieties. There’s also an array of free workshops during the exhibit that you can attend at lunchtime or in the early evening to learn “How to Re-Pot a Phalaenopsis,” or pick up some “Indoor Orchid Photographs Tips & Tricks.” Plus, it’ll get you in the mood for the 2012 Flower Show, where this year’s theme of the Hawaiian Islands makes it a pretty good bet we’ll see that too many orchids are never enough.

‘Enchanting Orchids’ runs through February 10th – with an orchid sale on Thursday the 9th in case you just have to take some home.

Get more details at PennHort.net.

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  1. Maria Swan says:

    Hey thanks for the update, looking forward to it, i also grow orchids in my garden, but i prefer growing them usinghydroponics products. Here are some of the tips on growing orchids. The plant needs medium to bright light and immediate to cool temperatures in summer. they must have a cool dry winter to flower between 50° to 55° F (10° to 13° C) at night, while their daytime preference is 60° to 75° F (16° to 24° C) and little water. If temperatures exceed these recommendations for more than a brief period, the orchids will suffer. If the sunlight or artificial light is too bright, they can get sunburned—bleached areas that will soon turn black or brown. Orchids should not receive light for more than 14 hours a day. More than that will prevent them from blooming. My experience has also shown that too little light also harms orchids, so it has to be a fine balance.

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