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City Councilman Wants To Strengthen Civilian Panel That Oversees Alleged Police Misconduct

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A city councilman is floating a potentially controversial idea: putting more teeth in the city’s Police Advisory Commission, the civilian panel that studies allegations of police misconduct.

The Police Advisory Commission was created by executive order of then-Mayor Ed Rendell in late 1994, to look into citizen’s complaints of police misconduct.

City Councilman Curtis Jones says the commission needs to be strengthened with more funding. “We’re going to work with the administration and the FOP, other stakeholders who have brought many of these concerns about the Police Advisory Commission to our attention, to try to take something that is good and make it better.”

Mayor Nutter, whose legislation created the commission two decades ago, isn’t aware change is needed. “I’ve not heard any complaint, either from citizens or the PAC.”

Changes that Jones may push for include better funding and speeding up the time the commission takes to complete investigations.  And he wants it made permanent through a change in the city charter, which would have to be approved by voters.  This past week, Jones delayed his planned formal introduction of the measure.

The head of the FOP, John McNesby, objects to the Councilman’s effort.  He says any funding increase should go to the school district, rather than a commission that, “serves no purpose.”

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One Comment

  1. Francis Graff says:

    Get real will you. It has gotten worse on every level of the judiciary even with this panel in place. Throwing more money after bad, is like buying a boat. Judges are feuding from the Capitol on down to the Hall. A justice center that is eating money alive. Judges and staff who only work short hours, and cases backed out the courtroom doors. Police committing crimes in uniform. Nobody is watching this towns plight, no one. Ramsey said two or three years ago, he would cut the murders in one year. Guess what commissioner, their going thru the roof now. Your sitting in the Philadelphian gobbling down a big steak breakfast for an hour, is where your brains are. Every cop driving a patrol car should be patrolling not eating breakfast and lunch and who knows maybe dinner. The police force and it’s reuirements for hiring need revamping, and if I get elected in four years, I intend to start with that cleaning. Good cops will be found, and promoted.

  2. Vom Brunhaus says:

    They need a Commission to look into why so many white people are Victims of violent crime in the City, particularily Center City, tell em McN Irish !!!

  3. Patricia Donalds says:

    Routine polygraphs and re-investigations of all level of law enforcement officers would prevent most misconduct and corruption from happening. Officers would think twice before breaking the very laws they are sworn to uphold.
    Being implemented at DHS with CBP agents.

  4. engineer says:

    tell John McNesby not to worried about it.

  5. Hater says:

    Did council sit in a bar till 3 AM to come up with this nonsense? How about a citizen council to oversee rat faced liberal judges who continue to undue the work of the FOP.

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