Battle Over Gay Marriage In New Jersey Turning Into War Of Words

By David Madden

TRENTON, NJ (CBS) – The battle over gay marriage in New Jersey is turning into a war of words between the state’s top two elected officials.

“We all know how this movie’s going to end,” Governor Chris Christie says.

Christie is offering a voter referendum on the question to Democrats as a way to address the issue once and for all, because, “If they pass the bill, it’s going to be vetoed. If they attempt to override the veto, the veto will be sustained.”

Christie wonders out loud why Democrats like Sweeney won’t go for it.

“Let’s stop hiding behind this ‘you don’t put civil rights on the ballot’ thing. You know — please. These folks would put anything on the ballot if they thought they could win.”

Senate President Steve Sweeney has argued gay marriage is a civil rights issue and he vows to confine consideration of gay marriage to the legislature.

“The last time this state had a referendum on a civil right, the woman’s right to vote in 1915, it failed,” Sweeney says.

And he says it should not be exposed to the passions of an electorate.

“If the governor was the president in 1860, we’d still have slavery.”

So Sweeney vows not to allow a referendum on the question.

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One Comment

  1. Grandad1 says:

    In my day no one spoke of such things. I don’t understand why these politicians are on these crusades. Let closed doors be left closed. Christopher Christie should veto every one of these “bring gayness out in the light” bills as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Roman Doroshenko says:

    Stop jerkin’-off, everyone knows that marriage is between a man and a woman, stop perverting everything!!!

  3. TheTrueOne says:

    As a society why do we allow morbidly obese individuals to marry and adopt children? What kind of role model is he for our children. His obesity is clearly a choice and last time I checked, gluttony was a sin according to the Bible. I suggest amending our Constitution to give no special rights (eg. public accommodations must support his weight, insurance premiums higher for everyone due to health issues, etc). None of our founding fathers were anywhere near the weight of Crisco Lard Pants Christy.

  4. Wise One says:

    Sweeney is a homely turncoat at the least.

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