Local Politicians Have Their Say On The Republican Presidential Campaign

By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Florida Primary – the next test in the see-saw Republican race — is set for Tuesday. The key question to be answered: what are local politicians hoping for?

Philadelphia-based government and political expert, Larry Ceisler, talks to a lot of Republican politicians and he says, in this region, the strategists are nervous about a Gingrich candidacy.

kane larry tight Local Politicians Have Their Say On The Republican Presidential Campaign

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“They look at Newt, and they say, ‘in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, that can be a real problem with the down-ballot races.’ Because, at the end of the day, what local party people care about is not so much who is going to win the White House but who is going to be in the Statehouse.”

There are two points of view: the Republican race is great for the party. On the other side, the fight now going on is good for the Democrats.

Philadelphia DA Seth Williams, who supports the President, is intrigued by the Republican primaries. “This has been a very unique, I think, primary season for the Republicans, in that, whoever is the frontrunner du jour ends up flaming out! Like the more people learn about the person, the less they like them.”

Listen as Seth Williams, Larry Ceisler and two other area insiders join Larry Kane for a frank look at the campaign in this week’s Voice of Reason podcast:

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  1. Francis Graff says:

    Seth does have a point. Republicans have been airing too much laundry. However, what makes Seth think it all would have gone un-noticed in the general election soiree. His attempt to cheapen the primary process, is strange. While this country is skidding down an icy slope, all our Democrat elected officials seem to be doing is vacationing in Hawaii. Not to mention lying awake at night thinking of more ways to take money from us all. Money that we don’t really have!

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