Nets General Manager Billy King Wants Andre Iguodala

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Andre Iguodala is having one of the best seasons of his career, but his name is still polarizing among Sixers fans. Former Sixers and current Nets GM Billy King says that he’d welcome a player like Iguodala, even Iguodala himself, any time as a member of the Nets.

“Andre’s a player that every good team would want, because he defends, he handles the ball. If they don’t want him, send him up the turnpike, I’ll take him,” King told Michael Barkann and Ike Reese on 94 WIP today.

Though Iguodala is highly regarded around the league, and is being considered as a finalist for the United States Olympic team, many fans in Philadelphia long for a guy who is a scorer, which isn’t Iguodala’s specialty. King said that Iguodala is a victim of circumstance. “I think Andre was put in a situation when Allen (Iverson) was traded to say, he’s the best player, he’s the franchise player. What Andre does is get rebounds and asists he does a lot of things like defense. Unfortunately he was asked to do a lot of things on offense that probably were uncomfortablefor him,” he said.

King said that now that the offense is spread around to many players on the Sixers, it allows Iguodala to do what he does best, defending, distributing and rebounding. “He is a prototypical three man,” he said. “He defends the position, he handles the ball. He does everything you’d want from your three man. You’re going to see more teams looking for things like that because he’s a unique guy that can guard Carmelo, he can guard Lebron James, and these guys in the league,” he said. King learned to appreciate skills like that from another name that’s familiar in Philadelphia, Larry Brown. Brown told King, “you gotta get as many 6’6″ guys as you can to guard those guys. And that’s what I’m looking for in New Jersey, 6’6″ athletes that can defend.”




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  1. Joe C says:

    Take Iguodala and Holiday and send us back Deron Williams.

  2. Chrischi Heineking says:

    Although Iguodala is not even one of the best points scorer, he is still one of the better players in the NBA. Perhaps you can give him around 15 Points a game but at the moment Phily has a lot of players who are very talented in offense and besides they have the best bank leading in scores. So I think Iggy is more in a Point Forward role and one of the best defenders in the league. With his athletics and his trained body he has many skills which are often underrated because the most people look on the PPG by analizing a player! So all in all I want to say he´s a good rebounder and assist player and on good days you can give him triple doubles. I think Phily would shoot themself in the leg if they trade Iggy. He is the franchise player and the restrained superstar.

    1. jbthedon says:

      You must not follow basketball besides the sixers. He is not a point forward because he has a weak handle.He is an overrated defender, if you can find someone to take him jump at the chance.

      1. Mike says:

        jbthedon, I’m not sure if you follow basketball besides the Sixers because most of what he said was right. The only thing I find wrong in what he said was that he thinks Iggy is “a franchise player and restrained superstar.” That isn’t correct. But he is a GREAT defender (not even close to being overrated) and he can still take the role of a point forward. Perhaps his handles aren’t great, but he can do a solid job at the point forward because he facilitates the offense. You make it sound like Iggy is some cancer, “if you can find someone to take him jump at the chance.”… no. Not at all. There are very few possible good deals for Iguodala out there, very few.

      2. Chrischi Heineking says:

        @ both of you guys
        for me it seems that you wish the 76er´s should trade him! But why do you think so? You wrote that he is like some cancer … ? .. for the team or what you mean here? I can´t understand you both. As I said before you can gave him triple doubles nearly every game. Remember the game against the Wizards for a few days. He scored 7-7-11. For me enough assists to be better than good. 7 rebounds which is that same average that Lebron got every night. And then don´t forget his steals. Mostly around 2-3 per game and then finishing with spectacular dunks! Ok that is maybe not so important ;) But these are good values. The only thing we can dispute is the PPG. Yeah of course it will be better when he get around 20 points but that´s not the fact. If that were the case then his statistics will be the nearly the same as Lebrons…where should it end… At the end I asked myself why so many people say trade Iggy… trade him.
        I don´t agree. There are a lot of guys who can score @ Philly. So I don´t would trade a very good defender for a strong offensive player which defensive skills are bad. I have NBA TV and will watch the next two games live vs. Bobcats and Pistons then we will see what he can get.

  3. THE GM says:

    I love Billy King! He was a bad GM in Philly, and now he wants that useless Igoudala! Trade HIM NOW!

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