More Shocking Allegations Emerge in Philadelphia Priest Child-Sex Scandal

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge today heard more disturbing evidence — including some admissions — of priests in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia who sexually assaulted boys and physically hurt children but still were allowed to continue their service, and their abuse.

The prosecution alleges these “prior bad acts” show a pattern of conduct by the church that contributed to the criminal conduct of defendant Msgr. William Lynn.

Some of the cases cited in court — about 30 in all — date back to the 1960s,  but in many of those cases the priests continued to serve for decades.   Among the allegations is that predator priests in some cases preyed on numerous children, in unspeakable ways.

Several boys were allegedly abused by one priest after being chosen to play Jesus in a play.  Another wrote of torturing boys, but even that was not enough to have him removed from ministry, according to testimony now being considered by Judge Teresa Sarmina.   That priest was actually placed in charge of a parish CYO — a Catholic youth organization.
Msgr. Lynn, who is charged with endangering the welfare of children, has pleaded not guilty.  The defense contends he did what he could in his position as Secretary for Clergy, but final decisions on discipline were made by the cardinal.

Judge Sarmina will decide later if the testimony about “prior bad acts” is admissible in Lynn’s trial.


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  1. Cradle Catholic says:

    The largest contributors to the Vatican have been the United States and Germany. Money is brought by bishops to the Vatican, during their “ad limina” visits. Does everyone remember that Germany just had a huge scandal involving a Roman Catholic publishing company that made big bucks from porn? It’s not much of a wonder where the German money comes from. At least not after that news came out – last Fall, I think. Do an Internet search.

  2. mike ference says:

    You would be hardpressed to find poorer examples of Christians than in the Catholic Church Hierarchy, especially the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Diocese

    Mike Ference

    1. Patrick O says:


  3. JeannieGuzman says:

    And where is the Most Reverend Archbishop Chaput in all of this? As the new Archbishop of Philly, Chaput should make himself visible instead of hiding behind his miter, crozier and cadre of the Archdiocese’s high paid attorneys. Does he support the alleged actions of coverups, or will his archdiocese be more transparent and accountable in the future?

  4. June Annette says:

    As more of the sordid details unfold in these cases, the true character of the unholy Roman Catholic “church” is emerging!

    Unspeakable crimes against children brought to light in our day by the providence and mercy of God, were committed under the guise of religion and pretext of piety, and their depraved acts were concealed by unscrupulous men wrapped in mantles of virtue, fortified by an impregnable wall of silence and buried in an institution shielded in secrecy and darkness.

    The oaths of secrecy that gave rise to the SCANDAL required under RC Canon law, taken by her priests, bishops and cardinals to relegate these matters to internal church affairs are still in force.
    The covert RC “church” needs to come clean or be compelled to by any and all legal means to do so!
    In the interests of the Victims of RC Clergy Abuse which the RC “hierarchy” has time and time again assured us is their first priority, lawyers must have unfettered access to a legal discovery of information contained in the ‘child abuse files’, evidence that has long been hidden under lock and key and relegated to their “secret archives”.
    Any reluctance to do so will be the compelling evidence that the so called “princes of the church” are not in TRUTH committed to transparency and accountability and the “pastoral response” which they have avouched to victims was both disingenuous and insincere!

    “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; nor hid, that shall not be known.” (Luke 12:2)

    In Solidarity with the Victims of Roman Catholic Clergy Abuse & those who advocate for them,


    1. JeannieGuzman says:

      Thank you June Annette for your candid comment! I encourage readers to Google a decree sent out by the Vatican to ALL bishops, worldwide: It is called “Crimen Sollicitationes.” In it the Vatican outlines how abuse victims should be intimidated by their Inquisitors, and put under, “Papal Secret,” meaning if they or their families disclosed any of the secret proceedings, they would be excommunicated, and effectively damned for all eternity! It is necessary to get into the Church’s “Secret Archives,” because once this happens, rank and file Catholics, will have their eyes opened to the simple facts that the Roman Catholic Church is more interested in avoiding SCANDAL than She is in protecting those abused by Pedophile Priests!

      1. Neil Allen says:


        Its spelled Crimen Sollicitationis, and its even worse than what you said. Not only would a victim of child rape be excommunicated (and sent to hell) if they told the truth about child rape, but they were also “forgiven”, making the 12 year old boy thing that it was his fault.

        All of these decrees override the 9th commandment, “to tell the truth”. Also, if “adultery” is a comandment, what do you think “childery” is?

        The Pope wants to override these commandments, which overrides the 1st commandment, making the Pope your false god.

        Catholics don’t even seem to care that they are follwing fals idols other than God. THAT is a risky bet for your eternity….

      2. Chicken Hawk Hunter says:

        Only a fool would believe a hom ose xual pe dop hile could damn anyone to he ll.

  5. Father Feelgood says:

    Keep using those Sunday Envelopes Ladies and Gentleman the Lawyers have got to get paid! lol How do people continue to give them money after money after money and they thumb their collective noses at you all!

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