BLOG: I’m An Eagles Fan, And I’m Cheering For The Giants In The Super Bowl

by Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “A peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one.”  – Rita Mae Brown

As an Eagles fan, NFL Championship Weekend ended pretty much as poorly as we could have imagined. The only thing worse would have been the NFL changing the rules, and somehow allowing the Cowboys to play the Giants in the Super Bowl. A great day of football ended with a stake through my heart. Two of them, in fact.

We were left with the Giants and the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. It kind of makes me sick to my stomach to type. King Solomon would have been without words when presented with this kind of a choice.

It left me, as an Eagles fan, with a question that I know many people in the area are also facing; who should I root for?

I’ve heard a lot of folks saying they’re not even going to watch. I don’t believe it. I don’t care who’s in the Super Bowl, it’s the last football game of the year and I’m watching it. I’ve got to wait six months to see another game, so I’m not cheating myself.

I’ve also seen some nonsense that goes something like, “I’m just watching for the commercials.” For one, the commercials haven’t been good in about ten years. As well, I can’t watch a game and not root for someone. If I’m up late watching the Utah Jazz vs. the Memphis Grizzlies, I’ll find a way to root for someone (just FYI it’d be Memphis because of former Sixer Marreese Speights).

I’ve thought long and hard about it, and I’m doing something I may one day regret. In the ultimate match the of lesser of two evils, in this case, the lesser of the of the two most evils. I’m going to cheer for the New York Giants on February 5th. May the football gods have mercy on my soul.

I know they’re a division rival. I know it’s New York. I know it all, and I hate them just like you. But there is some reasoning behind this all. Here’s why:

Giants fans are going to be incorrigible no matter what. It doesn’t matter if they win this game or don’t win this game, they’re always going to scream at us about their rings from decades ago. Does it really sound any different if they say how many rings it is? Think about what it sounds like when Yankees fans do that. It all kind of sounds the same.

Giants fans didn’t really expect to be here, and won’t be crushed if they lose. If the Patriots go in and win it 53-3, Giants fans will still tell us “nice Dream Team, how’d you guys do in the playoffs?” And they’ll be right. One of the ways I’m going to feel better about all of this is if I see a group of fans more crushed than I am.

Patriots fans, Boston fans in general are the worst. 100% worse than any other fan on the planet. They’re smug, they’re arrogant, and they’re every other word you can find in the thesaurus that means the same thing. They expect to win, which makes winning a lot less fun. A loss to the Giants in this Super Bowl would obliterate them. It would leave them crying in their beer, still unable to pronounce words like “Harvard,” “yard,” “car,” and “Nomar.” They need revenge from their loss to the Giants four years ago, and I don’t want them to have it.

Bill Belichick and that hoodie, and Tom Brady and his Uggs, will bother me more than Tom Coughlin’s red face and Eli Manning’s “deer in the headlights” glare ever will.

There are also NFC pride, NFC East pride, and the “we beat the Giants this year so we can still hold out hope for next year” bits. I don’t wholeheartedly buy into these, but it’s something, and it’s more than I can say about the Patriots.

This was not an easy decision, and I’m not particularly proud of it. But this my friends, is the Super Bowl. It’s football, and no one said it would be easy.

So, who ‘ya got? Let me know in the comments.



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  1. Rick says:

    Face it, the reason anybody roots for the Giants is that they hate the Patriots because of one thing-they win !!!!! As do all the other Boston teams-7 pro championships in 10 years, plus 3 NCAA hockey championships. I get you root for the local teams here, why not, but to be a clueless jealous homer is typical of the fan base here. Watch the Flyers implode in about a few months, as well as the Sixers when they play anybody good, and we can all watch as the Eagles repeat insanity next year; Phillies should be good, just don’t get old too quick…….

  2. Oronde says:

    Spike rooting for the Giants…I love it!!!
    Face it. Think for a minute. try to frame this discussion in logic and reason. The Giants are simpley a better team than the Eagles. AND IT STARTS WITH THE HEAD COACH.

  3. Wayne says:

    I have to agree to root for the Giants. I”ve been an Eagle fan for quite awhile since I moved to PA from NJ. I’m an NFC East fan, all except for the Cowboys. I orginally was a Giant fan, but when I came to PA, I fell in love with the Eagles defense. I’ve been in PA for around 32 years now, and I’m still hoping the Eagles can make changes to get them to the Super Bowel.

  4. Cmac149 says:

    Since Giants won the superbowl Eagles have dominated them. It will make me sick if they can boost another ring. It just shows what we should of achieved. But there is nothing to like about the Pats. Cruel but essential viewing for all football fans.

  5. Mike Dougherty says:


    This is THE WORST possible outcome ever for me, a Jets fan, and it’s happened TWICE in 4 years. It’s a cruel joke the football Gods are playing on Jets fans.

    I have to root for the Giants because there isn’t a pair of people in the sports world more unlikable than Bill and Tammy.

  6. Hogan says:

    As a true EAGLES fan I refuse to watch this game. I did not watch the last time they played in the supper bowl. I rather stab my eyes out than watch either of them win.

  7. Rob says:

    Spike says there is “reasoning” behind his decision. Sounds more like rationalizing to me. Oh, and the football gods WILL wreak holy vengeance on your soul.

    1. Spike says:


  8. Anne says:

    As a Giants fan thanks for your support, even half-hearted but understandable.
    If it were the Eagles instead of the Giants, I would be pulling for them. Hell, I might even pull for the Cowboys if it was them (BITE MY TOUNGUE). The Patriots would cheat there way to a Super Bowl win and not think twice about
    if they could. That tower of sportsmanship and integrity (CHOKE) Bill Belichik
    encourages, probably even paticipates in cheating. But in the end I would root
    for any NFC East team in this game.

  9. Rollie says:

    I’m cheering for the Red Wings to beat the Sonics

  10. Andy Lerner says:

    I’m sorry, I have to object to a Philly fan calling ANYONE else “100% worse than any other fan on the planet.” You guys realize that you’re never going to live down that whole courtroom-and-jail-installed-in-the-stadium thing, right?! I WILL agree, however, that Boston fans are by far the most obnoxious, but when it comes to unnecessary sports-related violence, Eagles fans take the proverbial cake.

    That said, GO BIG BLUE! WOO!

  11. MER says:

    “It doesn’t matter if they win this game or don’t win this game, they’re always going to scream at us about their rings from decades ago.”

    Um…the Giants got a ring 4 years ago.

  12. citizenjane says:

    Cowboys fan here. Will root for NFC East. Can’t stand the way the refs protect Miss Brady. Go Eli!

  13. Donna Lauria says:

    As an EX-Eagles fan who became a GIANTS fan after that horrible loss to the Patriots in that super bowl, I have read everyone’s comments above. Come on now, people, every single city has rowdy and rude fans. Are some worse than others? OF COURSE. Eagles fan are bad. REAL BAD. Flyers fans are bad. Phillies fans are bad. I don’t even count Sixers fans because they have nothing.

    Wanna know why the Patriots’ fans are arrogant? BECAUSE THE TEAM IS. Tom Brady is a self centered, rude, arrogant, JERK. He’s the best quarterback in the NFL – with ELI MANNING ON HIS ASS – but off the field he’s not a decent person. He displays childish behavior when things don’t go his way during a game.

    Now, as for you Eagles fans on who NOT to pick for this Super Bowl – common sense would tell you to stick with the team in your division. It’s not the Giants’ fault that the Eagles players are home watching all this unfold. The Giants’ record is even WORSE than the last appearance against the Patriots – they were a 10/6 wildcard team. This time around they are a 9/7 division clincher. So which is worse?

    It’s not their fault that they plowed right through the Falcons, and the Packers (BIGGEST surprise of all) and then clawed their way past the 49ers. They have talent – and more than a little luck.

    Giants’ fans are NOT the worst ANTHONY. When the Broncos faced off against the Patriots two weeks ago (three weeks ago???), as soon as the game was pretty much sealed for the Patriots the fans started chanting “TEBOW TEBOW”. How low classed is that??????

    I think the Giants will win the Super Bowl again. Eli just wants it more. And when he does win – HE will be the best quarterback in the NFL.

    1. K says:

      Eagles fans never become “EX-Eagles fans”. This means you were not an Eagles fan to begin with, and therefore we cannot take seriously anything else you say.

      Just sayin’.

      1. I BLEED GREEN! says:

        I agree with this comment. To leave your team when they were most vulnerable is just disgusting. So if the Giants lose this game i assume it will be a toss up between the Redskins or Cowboys? Do us all a favor and don’t be a fan of any football team. Just be a fan of the GAME itself.

  14. andy says:

    You are never permitted to root for the Giants, ever. Except when they play: the devil, Bin laden, or the Mets. And even then it would be in bad taste.

  15. JC says:

    As a NY Giants fan leaving in Philly, Philly fans talk so much trash without having the goods to back it up. Ny has 3 Superbowls (4 if you count the Jets), 27 World Series (29 if you count the Mets) but yet Philly fans talk trash, 50% of which its not true. I even have a couple friends that are perfectly fine with the fact they they have not won a superbowl, as long as they beat Dallas or the Giants….. come on…..have some self respect. And seriously…..NY or Boston fans being the worst? last I heard, they weren’t paying people to squirt water on NY fans and beating them up after they say something about being squirted.

  16. Anthony says:

    Boston fans definitely are everything you stated but Giants fans are the worst. I’ll be cheering for the Patriots in this one.

  17. Coo says:

    As an Eagles fan that lives in NYC, please do not wish this punishment on me. A Pats win = just another notch on Brady’s belt. A Giants win = hell for a decade. EFF the Giants.

  18. Mark Magowan says:

    I got the Australian Shepherds in the Puppy Bowl. That’s my pick.

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