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Montgomery County Man Arrested For Stalking Woman And Stealing Her Underwear

By Natasha Brown

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) – Montgomery County authorities have arrested a man who allegedly broke into a Springfield woman’s home and stole her underwear.

Kornwell Chan was arrested Thursday at his home in Dresher after police conducted a search and discovered women’s undergarments belonging to the victim, police said.

Authorities say the female victim of the burglary met Chan in mid-October, 2011 at the Oreland train station and they began exchanging greetings in the mornings prior to boarding the train to Philadelphia.

According to police, throughout the following weeks, Chan began treating the victim with more and more familiarity, to such an extent that it began to make the victim uncomfortable and she sought ways to avoid running into him during her morning commute.

Police say over the Christmas holiday, the victim’s home was broken into while the family was away on vacation. The only items taken were the victim’s bras and panties.

Additionally, framed family photographs were all turned face-down in the home with the exception of a photograph of the victim. Her photograph was left upright and moved onto the dining room table, police said.

During an investigation, police surveillance of Chan’s movements following the burglary revealed his multiple attempts to locate the victim’s car at the train station. The investigation also revealed that Chan’s phone number showed up nine times on the victim’s home phone records, indicating he called the residence nine times during the days between Christmas and New Years.

Chan was subsequently arrested and is charged with burglary, criminal trespass, stalking and related offenses. Chan was arraigned and bail was set at $100,000 cash.

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One Comment

  1. New Identity2 says:

    Why is this country importing t u rd-world p erverts like Ko rnh ole Chan anyway?

  2. engineer says:

    now he will be going to a place where they will take his underwear.

  3. Zzbar says:

    Taking the women’s panties is one thing, but wearing them over his head is another.

  4. Vic Livingsgton says:

    Police will crack down on THIS kind of stalker, but not the police protected community policing vigilantes that police forces and federal authorities nationwide deploy via the fusion center network as their covert Gestapo — targeting groups that are traditionally despised by autocrats, ideologues and hate mongers throughout the ages: alleged”dissidents,” journalists who ask too many questions about the corporate elite or creeping authoritarianism, hated minorities, etc., says Victor Livingston, former Fox 29 business reporter and eight-year victim of POLICE-PROTECTED VIGILANTE STALKING AND COMMUNITY DOMESTIC TERRORISM. Read more about it at

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