Stigall Show Log 1.19.12

5:42 Mayor Michael Nutter was in Washington DC yesterday at the Conference of Mayors.

5:45 President Obama blocked the Keystone Pipeline yesterday, sparking outrage from Republicans.

5:47 The Ship Captain of the Costa Concordia now claims he  tripped and fell into a lifeboat and that’s why he left the ship.

6:12 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says Mitt Romney should release his tax returns.

6:41 The Iowa Caucus votes have been recounted and Rick Santorum leads by 34 votes.

6:45 ABC has been investigating how much Mitt Romney has given to the Mormon Church.

6:46 ABC News is set to air an exclusive interview with Newt Gingrich’s second wife adjacent to the South Carolina Primary.

7:15 There is a push to ban fox hunting in Bucks County parks.

7:29 A judge quadupled the bail for Dennis Veteri, the man accused of beating a New York Rangers fan in South Philly after the Winter Classic.

7:41 Robert Patterson, a special assistant to the Pennsylvania Welfare Secretary, resigned from his position.

8:42 Chris announces that Rick Perry is getting out of the Republican Primary for President.

8:46 Five things you didn’t know about Ben Franklin.

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