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Franco Harris Says There Was No Reason For Joe Paterno To Be Fired As Penn State Coach

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (PA) —NFL Hall Of Fame running back Franco Harris is not happy that Joe Paterno was fired as head coach of Penn State’s football program, and he’s speaking out about it.

Harris, who attended Penn State from 1969-1971 and played for Paterno, spoke with 94WIP’s Marc Farzetta on Wednesday night about the sex scandal that rocked one of the most well respected college football programs in the United States.


“On November 9th the Board of Trustees fired Joe Paterno, and I felt that there was no reason for that termination,” Harris told Farzetta. “I feel that the termination implicated Joe in the sex scandal, and it became a Joe Paterno sex scandal.  It also implicated the football program, and became a Penn State football sex scandal”

Harris’ comments haven’t been taken lightly so far, and he’s lost a job because of his pro-Paterno stance.

The former Steelers great knows that his opinion is polarizing, but says he only wants the facts to come out. “They don’t have all the facts and all the truth. That’s what I want for us to find out, is the truth.”


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  1. Jim C says:

    This is what evil is, folks. It’s not always dramatic. Hannah Arendt called it “the banality of evil.” This is people overlooking a systematic coverup of heinous crimes, and why? Because they like football? Because Paterno was an old man who, somehow, didn’t understand child rape?

    Truly pathetic.

  2. Chip says:

    There are allegations of horrendous crimes taking place by Sandusky and frankly I believe that there is a lot of substance to them. What I find nearly as grievous though is the use of these crimes as an opportunity to further personal agendas of resentment towards Joe Paterno and Penn State University. I’ve seen numerous reports that Joe went to the people in his organization and relayed what he knew. We all presume at this point these powers conspired to cover up and hide these crimes. Did they? That’s a very large presumption. Even larger that Paterno would have been party to that. More than likely Paterno was told you’re the coach, take care of your team and let us handle this. And why would they not say that, Paterno is a coach. He has no authority over campus security. He has no involvement with the schools legal department. He’s has no expertise in these areas. And what if Paterno did follow up with his superiors and was told there just isn’t enough evidence, we can’t do anything. And why would that even be a possibility? All you would have to do is look back to 1998 when Ray Grica, a local District Attorney, declined to prosecute. In 1998 you had a DA investigate and decline to move forward. If the DA knew, you can be darn sure the local police knew as well. So here we are as far back as the late 90’s were the DA was aware, the police were aware, the school officials were aware and nothing was done, yet who is taking the fall? Joe Paterno. Why? Well maybe all you sneering, holier than thou know it alls need to do a little self reflection as well. Are you really disgusted with the allegations regarding Sandusky or are you hiding behind these heinous crimes and using them as an opportunity for vent your resentful views about Paterno and PSU that you harbored long before these crimes came to light. I get it, you don’t like Paterno and PSU and you never did. Fine, that’s your opinion, but don’t denigrate the victims by using their suffering to further your petty agenda. There were many failures along the way (DA, Police, PSU governors), but to make Paterno the fall guy? Really?

  3. Brian says:

    He lost a job with the Meadows, which is a postage stamp of a gambing operation. Franco will be able to survive that one.

  4. ren says:

    Joe Pa should have called the law on Sandusky long ago.

  5. TABMEB says:

    He must be as stupid as the rest of those men. Really, JoePa could not comprehend pedophilia??? Franco states this is a Football program issue. JoePa is the program. They all need to stop putting their heads in the sand. These are little boys we are talking about.

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