By Larry Kane
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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Seven-year-old Kaitland admires her big sister, Talina (see previous article).

“Kaitland is animated, full of energy, upbeat and cheerful,” says the girls’ adoption recruiter, Melaney Hill.  “She definitely follows her sister’s lead in a lot of areas, but of the two she’s definitely the most outspoken.”

And the two girls want to find a home together.  Kaitland knows just what she’d like to do with a permanent family.

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(KYW's Larry Kane.)

(Kaitland:)   “I would have a mom and a dad and I would play with them.”

What would they play?

(Kaitland:)   “Ball. And we’d watch TV together.”

Gloria Hochman of the National Adoption Center, based in Philadelphia, says the girls need to stay together, “because these children are the only family they really have.  The only stability they have is each other.  And, you know, the relationship that siblings have with each other lasts longer than any other relationship we have,” Hochman says.

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