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Former Sheriff’s Officer Auditor Pleads Guilty To Fraud

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Corruption in the Philadelphia Sheriff’s office leads to another guilty plea. Former Sheriff’s office auditor Richard Bell has admitted to fraud and filing a false tax return. It happened between 2007 and 2010.

Richard Bell, 36, has admitted he wrote over $400,000 in fraudulent checks to others outside the office and shared the money with them. Bell has also admitted to taking kickbacks for dealing three sheriffs sale properties at a fraction of the actual cost.

Federal prosecutor Sarah Grieb says, “They paid 10 percent at the Sheriff’s sale itself, which they paid, but when that person came back to pay the 90 percent that was owing, Mr. Bell took that check out before it was deposited into the bank account, and after it was registered as being paid.”

Three men, outsiders who conspired with Bell, pleaded guilty earlier (see related story). None of the defense attorneys, or the prosecutor, would comment whether any of the four men is cooperating. But some documents related to the plea deals have been sealed by the court.

Current sheriff, Jewell Williams, sworn in earlier this month, has vowed to clean up the office and restore public confidence (see related story).

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One Comment

  1. noname says:

    He’s a disgrace. thief, who took an oath of office. and if he is a certified fraud examiner he took a oath as well, he’s a theif and a liar and in these hard financial times he has hurt numerous people and organizations. from the sheriffs office, to the officers and employees there who now have the burden of this disgrace to bare, the office is not trusted any longer. and the effect it had on his family. what did you tell them? it wasn’t your fault? His whole family must be ashamed too. i hope that the homes he sold at a fraction of the cost are put back on him to pay the entire bill, because there’s is some poor family that couldn’t afford the mortgage in the first place has this outstanding balance on their shoulders now. Thank you to those who are still investigating fraud and not turning away from it. Thank you for taking your oath to uphold the law seriously.

  2. noname says:

    Cool!! now take a look at Family Court Domestics Divisions.

  3. Linda D Bryant says:

    The former Sheriff-Green and his cronies should all be made to forfeit their CITY PENSIONS –since so much FRAUD was apparently committed under their watch!!!

    I wish the new Sheriff, Williams good luck in attempting to restore some kind of
    integrity to this city agency!!!!

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