By John Ostapkovich

BRYN MAWR, Pa. (CBS) –  As many colleges get back in session a Main Line restaurant is about to resume its version of T-U. It is Tequila University and margaritas need not apply.

On the third Thursday of the month Verdad tapas Restaurant and Tequila Bar in Bryn Mawr puts a special emphasis on the second part of its name. They offer 30 varieties of the spirit and General Manager David Becker says this is a way of teaching your palate about tequila.

“It’s different from what people think. It’s not something you just go and take shots of when you’re partying,” Becker explained. “I mean this is a spirit that people take very seriously in the business and people put a lot of care into tequila, and we’re trying to promote that, tequila as a spirit, not just a party drink.”

Not that you might not want a designated driver. Becker says participants will each get a shot and a half of three types of tequila, accompanied by tapas food, as a representative of the tequila maker gives you insight into what you’re tasting.

“A good tequila is going to be fermented with 100 percent agave nectar. To be tequila, it only needs to be 51 percent agave. Here at Verdad we have all 100 percent agave tequilas,” said Becker, who considers himself a tequila connoisseur.

One class gets you a diploma and all 12 gets you a Masters. If you are put off by the worm in the bottle, Becker says that’s only in tequila’s spirits cousin, mezcal.

Monthly Tequila University even comes with a diploma. Collect the whole set for a Masters.


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