Neshaminy School Teachers Rally As Strike Drags On

By Brad Segall

LANGHORNE, Pa. (CBS) — Local labor leaders rallied today with striking Neshaminy school teachers in a show of solidarity for the now one-week-old walkout in Bucks County.

Several hundred strong, members of the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers walked across Woodbourne Road from Maple Point Middle School into Core Creek Park, where they heard from a number of leaders from other unions.

They stood as one, vowing not to let the school board break their resolve.

NFT president Louise Boyd said there was no validity to reports the teachers will go back to work on Tuesday.

“Our members will be on the picket line, as is their right under Act 88,” she told KYW Newsradio today.  “We intend to be on the picket line until Thursday, and we will be returning to work on Friday, January 20th.”

The 650-member union has offered round-the-clock negotiating to the school board, but Boyd says she’s received no response.  The board has canceled all talks until the teachers go back to work.

Seven thousand students are affected by the walkout.

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One Comment

  1. Mandi Redington Leap says:

    it has taken more than 3 years because the union would not even discuss contributing to health care and walked out of many, many negotiation sessions after 10 minutes. It has never been the school board not negotiating…..there is NO MONEY in our district to give this union what it wants. We cannot afford to pay for their health care any more, we cannot afford to give them a bonus just because they retire and we cannot afford to pay their health care until they are 65…..the board has been more than generous giving them raises when all of the districts around us have accepted pay freezes…..for the record, THIS SCHOOL BOARD IS NOT ANTI UNION — THEY ARE FOR THE TAXPAYERS WHO ARE ANTI GREED……there IS a big difference here

  2. Harry J. says:

    After 3 years it is apparent that the school board does not want to find common ground, but wants to distroy this union As a union member, but not a teacher, I will work hard to see that this anti union board is changed. They are worse than congress…Three years to correct this issue before the workers and community have to suffer.

  3. Susie Merchant says:

    I’m with you, Mandi. I’m not against anyone, including teachers, earning a great salary and benefits. America is the land of opportunity. My objection arises when you have to step on others to achieve your goal. This is exactly what the NFT is doing.
    Louise Boyd has publicly stated that “it’s not my problem” when told that taxes will have to be raised to cover their demands. In addition, she’s ok with taking money from district reserves for badly needed building repairs or PSER shortfalls. I read yesterday that our taxes could go up more than $1700 next year to cover PSER losses. Think about what that means to retirees living on a fixed income or individuals struggling to keep their houses after losing their jobs. It’s the difference between buying food and medicine for the elderly and/or taking care of your family. That is my objection – there is no concern for the community at large.

  4. Mandi Redington Leap says:

    oh hang on there, but let me tell you…..first they are comparing themselves to the fight that the wonderours Dr. Martin Luther King fought for. They are one of the highest paid teachers in this state and they pay NOTHING towards their benefits. They have recently offered to pay a FIXED 8% towards their health care contributions. They receive $27,500 when they retire and get benefits free until 65 — oh they get this after 10 years of service,,,,,they also get steps for MEQ……….still think they are treated bad??? This is a wonderful place to work if you are a teacher and their benefit package is no longer affordable by the taxpayers……..

  5. Harry J. says:

    Hey Union members in Bucks County….If you let them treat the teachers like this, you can be sure that you will be next! Lets vote out these antiunion school board members ASAP.

  6. Harry J. says:

    I am not a teacher, but I am a union member and will remember the antiunion actions of these school board members at the next election.

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