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Nutter Fumes After 3 Philadelphia Teens Killed In Apparent Reprisal Shooting

Ben Simmoneau reports…

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Following a shooting Tuesday night in the Juniata section of the city that left three teens dead (see related story), Mayor Michael Nutter had strong words for the shooter, calling him “a dog.”

The outraged mayor also had strong words for the parents of Philadelphia’s youth, telling them “not to act like idiots and a–holes.”

While Nutter says he is gratified about the quick arrest in the multiple shooting, he is fuming that the victims were out on Tuesday night apparently looking for trouble. And he blames their parents.

“Seven young people, somewhere between 14 and 16 years old, on a Tuesday night, a school night, are out in a car going to somewhere to have a fight with some other teenager. That is completely insane, it is irresponsible. Parents have to know where their children are and what they are doing,” the mayor said.

“Their little butts should have either been in bed, getting ready for bed, or doing some homework,” Nutter added. “Not out in a car, not in some other neighborhood, and not up to this kind of nonsense. I’m not your mom and I’m not your dad. We cannot completely legislate, or by policy, make people responsible for their children.”

Meanwhile, Eyewitness News has learned the suspect in the shooting, Axel Barreto, has a lengthy criminal record, including at least seven arrests since 2000, mostly for drugs. But on Saint Patrick’s Day 2004, court records show Barreto was arrested for illegally possessing a gun, but those weapons charges didn’t stick.

Authorities say police chased Barreto down after he was seen acting suspicious on what they considered a known drug corner. They found him in possession of marijuana but also with a gun, which was illegal because he was already a convicted felon according to Tasha Jamerson, a spokeswoman for District Attorney Seth Williams.

Barreto was charged with five gun-related crimes, including trying to scrape off the serial number on the gun, but the charges were dropped six months later. His defense attorney at the time, Anthony Stefanski, says the judge ruled that police illegally searched Barreto that day without cause, so prosecutors were left with no evidence and little choice but to drop the charges.

Nutter says this is another example of how difficult it can be for the city to go after illegal guns with the laws that are on the books.

“I don’t know what happened in his last case, but anyone running around with an illegal weapon or certainly one where the serial number has been obliterated is not a person that should be around. They should be away for a long, long period of time,” he said. “This is insane, and we must crack down on these individuals.”

And Nutter pleaded with teens who know the victims to avoid any retaliatory acts. “It is not going to work out well for any of you,” the mayor said.

“The least you can do is know where the hell your kids are, in the daytime, in the nighttime, or at any time during the week or on the weekends. That’s the minimum we should ask and expect from our parents. You want to have kids? Take care of them.”

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One Comment

  1. Matamoros says:

    Somehow we all just know it must be whitey’s fault.

  2. Lucifer says:

    Man! Get the Army and go door to door and get the guns that are not registered. You seem to be just talking loud and doing nothing. Take action!!

    1. californian says:

      Not too keen on our Constitutional principles are you? Maybe you should have paid more attention in school. Of course most of our public education system is broken too.

  3. Pat K says:

    Right on Nutter Butter. Please see youtube video $500 REWARD..Criminal Trespassing and Property Destruction Wallingford, PA

  4. exbobbie says:

    How about we start restricting welfare to the first two children of a female or family ( on the rare off chance that there is a Father in the picture).
    Any child under the age of 18 yrs caught committing any offense will not only be dealt with for that offense, but the welfare being received for that child will be stopped ( Maybe if these welfare parents see their money threatened they might be more inclined to keep a better watch on their children).
    Now I know this is all a pipe dream because the Democrats would never allow their voting base to be attacked in this way, BUT, wouldn’t it be great!.

  5. Just sayin says:

    Let me realistic… Stop the BS and smarten up folks.

    All of our gang problems and even this situation are the result of failed drug policy.

    Go look at the violence that surrounded the prohibition on alcohol and back then, that was the DEVIL and would destroy us all if we legalized it.

    Or don’t smarten up and keep watching out kids die and your rights be stripped away by the same people who are either allowing or actively participating in shipping these drugs into the country. But only to “protect you” of course.

    1. jo gunn says:

      The so called “war on drugs” is a complete, abject, and dismal Failure. I agree with you. Now, the “war” has taken a life of it’s own because a government agency called DEA has been created that gets increased funding every year no matter what. The “war on drugs” is nowt solely for the benefit of perpetuating the existence and expansion of the DEA, and NOT to acrue to the benefit of the People. How does it feel to be a victim of rapers, looters, and pillagers? aka, the US Government?

      1. Aggie95 says:

        O.K. we’ll make them all legal ….can we start with your kids

    2. How Dare You! says:

      The radical concept that Government could be involved in shipping these things into the country is absurd. I mean they just got caught shipping container loads of firearms to the cartels, the cheapest drug on the street happens to come from Afghanistan and heck even going back to the 1800’s when the East India Company owned by the British was shipping opium world wide. WHY? $$$$$

      Lets not even touch the fact that multiple US banks have been caught laundering drug money and buying commercial aircraft for the cartels. They then have the audacity to demand you almost give blood to open a checking account to prevent money laundering.

      You are all being played like the fools you choose to be. SMARTEN UP PEOPLE.

  6. Edward Orta says:

    Everyone on this blog is wrong, Hillary Clinton had it right; “It takes a Village.” We as Americans, and that includes the Mayor of Phily, have a responsibility to care for and nourish those mindless corrupt souls bred by mindless corrupt parents or “parent,” regardless of what crimes they commit. After all, children are not responsible for their actions, the taxpayer is. We need to ask BO to provide another Trillion dollars to develop a few programs around the country to support these lost souls needs (more guns, jewelry, food stamps, medical assistance when they get shot, etc…not to mention their parents needs for same). On the other hand, if we fixed our children’s problems many Cops, Lawyers and Judges would lose their jobs; what a quandary.

    1. jo gunn says:

      Sorry, but YOU have it wrong. I bet YOU have never ran a successful project or organization in your life. Here is how I know: anyone who runs projects or organizations knows there has to be a sole endpoint of responsibility for the results. Hence, Managers and Directors are accountable for the success or failure. The “village” does not end up responsible, the success or failure goes back to Joe-the-Manager.
      In this case, the “village” as you call it holds ZERO responsibility for the outcome. You expect some passerby to jump into the middle of a bunch of 15 year olds that are shooting it out and to chastise them, sending them home to go to bed?
      NO. NO. NO. The PARENT should have done that, and it should have prevented the scenario from even occurring in the first place.
      Your communist leanings are pathetic. Communism has been tried and it has failed. Anyone with any knowledge of human nature could have predicted that, but leave it to idiots with zeal to overlook the obvious.

    2. Blueyedqueennyc says:

      So Edward… you like the Government butting into your personal business… Why do you think we have THE CONSTITUTION and THE BILL OF RIGHTS… Sounds like you’ve been neutered…

    3. J.T. says:

      R u nuts another trillion dollars. You can’t spend your way out of this problem. You can 20 boys and girls clubs. Its not the governments job to raise our children. If people can’t afford to have children then they shouldn’t have them. This kids are disrespectful. If they don’t listen to their momma why and the heck would they listen to someone else. It starts with the parent. Parents should go to jail with their kids if they can’t control them.

    4. C'mon Son!!! says:

      People calm down. I believe Mr. Orta was being sarcastic. Visit your local IT person or The Daily Show with Jon Steward for a first hand glimpse of it.

      As for the incident. I grew up in an urban area in NJ and is now a married parent and taxpayer in suburban PA. I understand the “hood mentality” and understand how mainstream society works. I had to be in the house by 9p on a school night in May of my senior year in HS. My mom’s had goals for herself and me and now she’s enjoying retired life and I don’t have to walk past 20 heads on a corner everyday and neither does my son. I don’t live in Philly, but Mayor Nutter is right. IT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT NOR OTHER PUBLICLY SUBSIDIZED PROGRAM RESPONSIBILITY TO RAISE CHILDREN! I pay taxes to the local school system though my kid is too young for it AND I pay for day care AND I help pay for federal college loans and grants. I’m supposed to pay for the upbringing of problem kids who parents for the most part isn’t ready for them? Are you serious?

    5. hhgggghh says:


  7. 5thcommjarhead says:

    This is ridiculous. We expect parents to actually parent their children responsibly just because they HAVE them? Having children is a right. We can’t possibly expect people in a democratic republic to exercise their rights reponsibliy can we?

  8. Doug Liu says:

    If those words were coming from a Republican, he or she would be labeled “racist”.

  9. juimbo says:

    yeah then along come Jesse Jackson and Al SHarpton to defend all of this behavior and blameshift it on someone else

  10. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Call it as it is the parents don’t do their jobs as parents and kid do stupid things because the parents aren’t really parents just sperm and egg donors. Has Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson ever called the parents out NO it’s always someone else’s fault never the parents. Maybe the mayor needs to push for a curfew and if the kids are out past it put the parents in jail.

    1. mabel won't let me to begin with says:

      Well see if you don’t mention parents then it can be society’s fault and we can pass all kinds of crazy laws.

      And actually I believe the guilty party is the person who did it. If you’re driving around with a gun in the wee hours of the morning, you didn’t ask for mommies advice, did you? Or society’s for that matter. You’ve chosen crime all on your own. Well, you’re a big boy now and can get in big boy trouble. Period.

      1. jo gunn says:

        wrong Mabel, parents ARE responsible for the actions of their children until adulthood, legally aged 18. so if Jimmy is 17 yrs old and out cruising with the gang, it is the parents’ fault and their responsibility. the parents should watch the whereabouts of their kids, who they are spending time with, and what their activities are. notice i said parents, plural – kids need a mom and a dad, otherwise the kids run wild.

        i am a parent, and i even take responsibility for the actions of my adult kids, because it was MY job to teach them wisdom, morals, and values. if they did not get it, then i may have failed to deliver it.

        our issue in America in general is that parents have handed over responsibility for child rearing to day care centers, schools, and the government. they have become lazy, and with plenty of encouragement from liberal “progressives” who want the communist model implemented, where “children belong to the state”

        if someone chooses to engage in sex, then they should have reached enough maturity to accept responsibility for child rearing, and doing it well. if they won’t do that, then keep the pants zipped. wake up people – 70% of children being born out of wedlock is an abomination. there are more important things than sex, such as the quality of the next generations citizens.

  11. BawlamerMerlin says:

    Maybe we need more taxpayer-funded social programs…like Midnight Basketball!! How about some Stop The Violence rallies? They always work!

    1. platitudes are power says:

      No it has to be “Just Say No” Children don’t know they can do that unless we spend a lot of money to tell them about this word “no”. Plus, then they know what their parents and authority figures think is cool and want to emulate them.

      1. Blueyedqueennyc says:

        What happened to PUBLIC SERVANTS…

  12. sue says:

    HOW REFRESHING ! Actual facts stated by Mayor.. “”Parents should be held responable for their own children””. SO true ! Fine lazy parents ! Communities need to enforce & charge parents – same in school – fine parents for horrible behavior of THEIR children.

    1. ExLibris says:

      What kind of comment control system is used here?

      First comments that weren’t posted are flagged as “duplicates”, then I try to submit a different comment and I get the “You’re posting comments too fast, SLOW DOWN” message? (presumably that comment also will not be posted?

      1. ExLibris says:

        And of course THAT comment was posted in less than 5 seconds.

        Something is wrong here.

  13. SuckANutter says:

    Hey Nutter, way to use strong words, now why don’t you back them up? You have done anything in office. Mayor Street was better than you and he was corrupt.

    1. tuu says:

      How about some suggestions since you are so up to date on everything Mr Nutter does, or in your opinion, does not do. Oh, no suggestions? Then STFU

    2. jo gunn says:

      Suckanutter, you have betrayed your agenda!! It is clear: you have the presumptous expectation that the Mayor/Government is supposed to solve a problem that individuals have abdicated responsibility for. Parents are responsible – stop looking to the almighty government to do everything for you. A government that is powerful enough to DO everything is powerful enough to TAKE EVERYTHING. Wake up.

      1. JT says:

        Well said. I’m sick of people expecting government to solve all their problems. People rich and poor aren’t held accoutable for their actions.

  14. Machismo says:

    What a great Mayor!

    1. watch him says:

      Sure, except for tomorrow he’ll be joining some liberal cause to write a new law “for the children”

  15. Rob says:

    I have lived all over this country, North, South, East and West. At the risk of sounding like a prejudiced fool, this type of behavior is found almost without exception if the neighborhood is predominantly black.

    1. yourpoint is says:

      all the ppl involved in this story are latina so your point would be what?

    2. Capo Flynn says:

      And your type of uneducated, stupid talk is always from Meth smoking, any kind of prescription pill popping, white trailer trash like yourself.

    3. J.T. says:

      Racism is the reason he said this. There is a problem in our community wakeup. I;\’m sick of people like you who bash any black person that speaks the truth. whether it be Nutter, Obama, or Cosby. Take care of your dam kids and it won’t have to be said. We need to take back our streets.

      But people like you want to wait for Obama or Nutter to solve our problem. Nutter can’t teach your kid to read and write. He can’t teach not let other people exploit your neighborhood. Look at the Jewish folk in Brooklyn. They have young jewish boys patrolling the street. And they choose what business they allow in their community. Read an economics book and wake the heck up

  16. Metfan Lou says:

    I was a supervisor for a federal prgram that placed senior citizens in rural areas in public agencies for 20 hours a week at minimum wage. These low income clients reveived job training and the public agency got a benefit too. The point of this is that one day while visiting a welfare agency, a woman came in with a doctor’s note saying she was pregnant. She was cutoff because her last child turned 18. Her comment to the worker was “I’m pregnantt. I’m good for another 18 years.” Children in these communities are a commodity to be used for gov’t benefits. In other words their worth as loving children are replaced with how much food stamps, child benefits and everthing else they can rip off from working taxpayers. I was told that they will pass children back and forth to get more free money..

  17. RIGHT says:

    “We cannot completely legislate, or by policy, make people responsible for their children.”


  18. ONTIME says:

    That is great advice but like the government breauaucracy and much of the leadership around this country and especially the feds, they too need to stop acting like A** Holes and stop being so damn intrusive.

  19. hi50st8 says:

    In the “good ‘ole days” when I was a brat, there was a “public announcement”, “It’s 10 o’clock, do you know where your children are?”

  20. Bryan says:

    Nutter says this is another example of how difficult it can be for the city to go after illegal guns with the laws that are on the books.

    No, this is another example of police conducting an illegal search. The gun could not be produced into evidence because it was unconstitutionally seized It has nothing to do with the “laws that are on the books,” unless he’s proposing a constitutional amendment to remove our right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

    1. Kasey says:

      It is illegal to carry a conceiled weapon without a permit. I highly doubt that he was wearing a revolver around his waist while on the streets. As long as the weapon was conceiled the police had every right to take it.

      1. Texas_Twister says:

        Whoa Hoss! I don’t want a bureaucrat stopping me and searching just willy nilly. That kind of talk leads to interruption of my personal liberty to carry anything I want under my clothing, up to the point I begin to behave in an illegal manner. When someone else begins to behave illegally I don’t look for cop, I act.

      2. bubbles says:

        Ya it is illegal to carry concealed without a permit. It was in his case illegal to have one at all at the time concealed or otherwise. But it was also illegal to search him the way that they did, and although they were right in confiscating the illegal firearm, oops we found something doesn’t justify the illegal search. So no evidence, no charges. Don’t like it? Don’t search illegally next time, do it right.

    2. JonnyIsGood says:

      When you knowingly violate the law like that, you forfeit any rights. Rights exist to keep law-abiding people free, not to keep criminals from being caught.

    3. semantics says:

      Love this subtle shadng: Illegal guns

      There is no such thing.

    4. bvw says:

      The problem isn’t “illegal guns”. The problem is NEVER “illegal guns”. Guns are inanimate objects, not evil, not good. Just things.

      The problem is “illegal motherhood”. The motherhood — the bearing of children out of wedlock — used to be illegal, and still is illegal in in some places. Old school America!

      Young men grown up with no Dads are as a group much more likely to be burdens to society, to become criminal, to become violent. Our legal system today — the mindset of police, of legislators, of the professional media, of officials, of those of what is today called “liberal” (very different than a classical liberal, btw) politics is utterly foolish. It is folly to hold that single motherhood should be celebrated and tolerated, and it is folly too to to ban guns from the responsible.

    5. Tess says:

      Yeah, and thanks to your stupid 2nd amendment, another kid is dead, because Daddy and Mommy didn’t take the kid’s gun away, or lock up their own properly, or at the very least, insisted that the child go to a gun training and ethic’s course. Of course, then there’s the drug issue. If the drug culture is THAT strong in your community, and your attempts to get your kid to stay away has failed, I’d uproot my family and get them as far from it as possible.

  21. The Judge says:

    Hey libs, did Mayor Nutter hurt someones feelings with his hate speach? Not very ‘liberal’ of him. Had enough of failed liberal policies? Hahahaha…..

    1. natb1 says:

      This speaks for me too.
      Though I doubt policy will fix social problems, a speedy trial and timely dispatching of the guilty would relieve much burden from the rest of us.
      If only we could tax mischief ;)

  22. sandiego1969 says:

    It took generations to get the city in this condition and it will take longer for it to come back from it. Mayor Nutter has taken good first steps in speaking out in terms the parents can understand.

  23. robbery says:

    Time to hold breeders/parents to the same standards as breeders/owners of “dangerous “dogs.

    Control your animals or put them down.

    Failure to keep your own sexual urges under control and lack of human morals does not excuse endangering others well being.

    No self responsibility.

  24. Blacque Jacques Shellacque says:

    “..We cannot completely legislate, or by policy, make people responsible for their children.”

    No, but I’m sure they’d try their best if it were even remotely possible to do so.

    1. Terry W says:

      While legislating parental responsibility may be a difficult and sticky issue, it should be very plain and simple. Parents that choose to have children need to be responsible for their actions. If my dog were to cause harm to another individual I would be held responsible. I chose to own the dog and therefore should be held responsible for its’ actions just as a parent should with their child.

  25. obozosux says:

    I made a yearly trip to Phila. for the flower show. I will no longer attend. Your city had been turned into a cesspool of crime, violence and filth. What was once beautiful is nothing more than a fetid eyesore. I have come to expect it from cities which are largely inhabited by a subclass of humans who have been reduced to a rapacious hoard of violent criminals. I commend the mayor for speaking out with such force. He is, however, a part of the problem being a member of the political party at whose feet we can lay the blame for these appalling conditions. You see once any person is made a ward of the state, they loose their need to acclimate to a civilized culture. They become like livestock, breeding like animals and reverting to their base instincts. They loose their humanity. Punishment seldom helps and scolding them is a joke. I have no answer other than reset the clock by weening them off of the government teat. It would have to be done incrementally otherwise the whole nation would be set ablaze. Liberals, look at the tragedy your pandering has wrought, all in an effort to garner votes. Pathetic!

    1. californian says:

      Well said. Nutter is part of the problem along with those who seek government solutions to almost all our problems. He’s blamed guns, drugs and gangs for the city’s problems in the past. Now he’s starting to wake up, barely. Yes, parents should be responsible for their kids. Just as government should be responsible to the citizens — not lord and master over them. Lobby against new taxes and pay increases for city bureaucrats until things improve. Seized drug assets should go to rehab programs not police.

  26. tvmunson says:

    Parents of armed teenagers are supposed ot keep them in at night, in bed by 9? What are they supped to do-spanke them?

    1. zeke says:

      Who said the boys were armed???

    2. DaveIn84 says:

      Raise them so that they’re not criminals….

    3. Alan says:

      Please tell me, tvmunson, that you’ve voluntarily had yourseld neutered. You should never have children since it’s obvious you won’t be able to raise them properly.

    4. Mit Ved says:

      Thats a start….early and often if they are little a$$holes. Then maybe they’d respect authority later in life like most kids. Anybody that calls spanking a child abuse or beating needs to come let me show them the difference between a spanking and a beating. Then they’d STFU about it. There are OTHER ways to teach children…curfews, groundings, privileges revoked. If that doesn’t work then stronger measures. Eventually they’ll get it or they get dead.

      1. tvmunson says:

        I meant the 14 year old-how does one spank a 14 year old who is pointing a Glock 9mm at your head?

    5. Buzz says:

      tvmunson asked: “What are they supped to do-spanke them?”

      They should have done that long ago and maybe things would have turned out different. Parents take no responsibility for their off-spring any more.

  27. Bryan Cook says:

    Good for this guy for calling it like he sees it.

    We’ve had enough Political Correctness. Time to be honest with ourselves.

    1. DudeZXT says:

      No. Looking at the criminal record, this guy should be mad at the Justice Department in his state. The Justice Department of Philadelphia, PA has failed and should be held accountable, just like every other state that doesn’t prosecute criminals and/or pardons murderers that are under their watch.

  28. mmm says:

    sorry this is what Liberalism breeds,,welfare Broodmares, the more kids you have the more money you get,,you liberals will NEVER learn,,so the “carnage” will continue !!!

    1. Jeff Sayin says:

      This has nothing to do with Liberalism – try redirecting your hate in a more productive direction like figuring out why you try to blame “Liberalism” for everything

    2. Prochoice says:

      This is what a worlfd full of unwanted children brings… keep abortion legal and keep conservative politicians away from a woman’s reproductive choices. Not all people should be parents, and by legislating that everyone who manages to get knocked up has to give birth will only make it worse.

      1. Steven Mc Duffie says:

        You are an idiot Prochoice. Abortion is legal and it hasnt solved the problem has it now. Also a fetus hasnt done anything wrong or commit a crime so in essence we would be punishing innocent people for the crimes commited by the guilty. Its people like you who are partly to blame. When killing is the answer to a problem can we expect others not to follow? So why dont you just stfu !

      2. biskitts says:

        So why weren’t these kids aborted? I mean, abortion is legal right now, isn’t it?

        To me, thanks you pro-abortion idiots like you, life has been cheapened. And it’s instances like this story that is proof of it.

  29. tebowlicious says:

    at least they were carpooling.

    1. humourguy says:

      Now thats funny

    2. Ace says:


  30. deedee says:

    In otherwords, dont act like the Politicians in charge of these places where crime runs rampant..

  31. GREJEF says:

    Wait, sorry I am late, but we are to blame since we work and pay taxes to keep this going. If we all quit work, pay no taxes then the welfare would stop. Soooo we are to blame because we live the American Dream of seeking opportunities..

  32. J Ryd says:

    Thank you for speaking the truth Mayor Nutter. It does not take a village only a responsible parent to raise a child. I am so tired of every other politician making excuses for abhorrent behavior Nutter for Pres!!!! Telling it like it is Bill Cosby will endorse him for sure

  33. Sterling Headset says:

    Where can I send cash to support this guys next campaign???

  34. DaveIn84 says:

    Think the city’s breeding stock is listening to the mayor? Forced sterilization is a route to wiping out this and many, many other problems.

    1. Berdell says:

      Are you speaking of animals or people?

      1. Deskboy says:



    2. p dirt says:

      Unfortunately, there are other really sick people that would agree with you.

    3. deedee says:

      Forced Sterilization may be the only way to combat the criminal element. However, just a few days ago, in another State, they are now paying Money to those who were involuntary sterilized many years ago..SO it’s a no win situation..sterilize today pay reparations tomorrow…. No clear solution.

      1. Waialua70 says:

        Once we get the illegal alien issue under control we will save billions of dollars. We must use some of those monies oi build mega-prison’s which will in turn employ construction workers, electricians, plumbers, etc to build. Once completed, hundreds of correctional officers (private or public) will need to be hired which will bring jobs. Prisoners should be required to work inside or remain in a cramped no-frills cell. Prisoners need fresh air… good… join the chain gang which will be busy repairing roads or other community service under armed guards. Stop coddling these vermin!

    4. Brad says:

      Everyone should have to apply to have a child. Pass a test. Many would fail and we’d be much better off without their kids in the world.

    5. steamboat says:

      Agreed. If they want to get welfare and entitlement hand outs, sterilization should be mandatory, or no goodies.

      1. humourguy says:

        Amen brother

  35. rtuckness says:

    I don`t know much about the mayor but, I have been in Philly a few times, back in the early to late 70`s and found it to be a place of Brotherly Love as it is known for. But, now It looks like the city is going the way of Chicago and is in the limelight at least 2-3 times a week for some violent episode. Most of the comments appear to have hit the nail on the head when mentioning the Democrats Social Meddling for the last 45-60 yrs. I am now in my 70`s and have watched this social restructuring take place slowly and have always blamed it on the Democratic party`s desire to enslave the minorities and lower class citizens under the credence of “Helping the Poor and, I still maintain that is exactly what has happened. Now, that being said the Republicans have been a party to this experiment mostly because the way our government takes care of business in congress (pass a group of 10 bad bills to get one good one into law). Good Luck Philadelphia I wish you the best.

    1. Dobro says:

      I wish them the best also, from far away. They won’t get my tourist money anytime soon. What a shame!

  36. YankeeintheSouth says:

    I think I’d vote for this guy! Sounds like he’s a no non-sense type of person.

    1. Omar M. Grady says:

      i’d trade you mayors since youre complaining….

      1. Big Easy Dad says:

        We had 4 shot DEAD and several wounded in New Orleans yesterday-12 dead in 12 days of the New Year!!!
        We would welcome a Mayor that at least said what the problem was. While we have ridded ourselves of former Mayor Ray “Chocolate City” Nagan, the new Mayor, Mitch “Lil Moon” Landrieu son of former Mayor Moon Landrieu and brother to US Senator Mary Landrieu is a political tool and not a leader.
        Thank you Mayor Michael Nutter for telling it like it is.

  37. Dave says:

    Amen Mr Nutter

    1. bigjimslade says:

      Can we borrow him out here in Los Angeles?

      It would be nice to have a major with some cajones.

      1. John says:

        Before he goes to LA, can we get him in NYC first? It would be nice to have a real Mayor instead of the prima donna we have now.

  38. cattyfan says:

    Wouldn’t that be “he was acting suspiciously,” not “suspicious?” You would think with all the people who are out of work, this media outlet could find someone with a better grasp of the English language to hire.

    1. verhek says:

      Is that all you got from this article?

      1. zeke says:

        No kidding!!!! What a “Tool”..

      2. Alan says:

        The point is, that the media has this mentality of superiority in reporting the news, but most of them have no grasp of the English language. Not only did the reporter/writer use the word incorrectly, the alleged editors missed it too.
        And no, I got much more from the article than that, including a possible candidate for higher office.

  39. Reverend Doctor Ivory White, Ph. D says:

    The so-called parents of thugs are always thugs, too, just like their illegitimate sprogs. They want to be thugs, they act like thugs, and they die like thugs. This is what thug culture fosters. The sooner these thugs eliminate each other, the sooner America can get back to being America.

    1. YankeeintheSouth says:

      Well said…

  40. Perplexed says:

    Most likely they come from either broken homes or single parent due to illigetimacy. Our culture has tolerated homes that have only one parent for years because it thought that ‘if it feels good, do it’ lifestyles were without consequences. Obviously, they were wrong. We are all to blame. Kids need both parents and stay at home Moms. Compare this abomination to what it was like in the 50s. The answer is obvious.

    1. mac says:

      “We are all to blame”… sorry crackhead, not me I am NOT to blame!!!

      1. Dobro says:

        We are all to blame? Maybe, but it is only because some of us pay taxes to the welfare state that creates this horrible society. If I had my choice I wouldn’t spend one dime voluntarily to allow these criminals a defence or aid in their nasty existance. How can anyone not see that governmant entitlement programs are bankrupting this country morally and financially.

      2. Perplexed says:

        When I say that ‘we are all to blame’, I am referring to the fact that we as a culture have tolerated these conditions for decades and now the fruit of that tolerance is apparent. We have not as a culture demanded that easy divorces be ended and illegitimate births be scorned as they were in the past. People know that they can have children out of wedlock and divorce their spouse with no recriminations from their neighbors or the government.

      3. nikkolai klashnikov says:

        WE all need to have a clear understanding of THE BIGGER picture and whats really going on in the US. America is the way it is now because of the corporate elite and our currupt politicians, The whole system is a contradiction. People who committ crimes are jailed and when they’re released what do they have to look forward to? NOTHING! cant get a job. So they are forced to go back into the same pattern that got them in jail in the first place.

        Lets face it one must see the hypocracy first. The US government puts it out there that thugs are doing this and doing that and they are bad but hide the fact that the US government needs them to sell their drugs(if you dont know that the us government is in the drug trade google “CIA freeway ricky ross”), to fill their prisons, to provide work for all those cops out there. Look to the government to create a program that helps these thugs that want to change get a job. It would help eliminate so much welfare apps.

    2. PeteM1999 says:

      The whole thought process that says we are all to blame is the problem. Instead lets blame the real culprits in this. First and foremost is the government that rewards people for making these bad decisions and pays them extra for each choice they bring into this world. They buy their votes by subsidizing every aspect of their lives, remove the responsibilities of parent hood, punish those who try to disipline their children and foster the beleif that it;s not their fault, it’s ours. The parents who breed with out thought to the consequences of how am I going to riase this child and how am I going to be a good parent. Dont forget our school systems that teach these kids that they are all winners and not responsible for their bad decisions. What ever happened to individual responsibility, taking ownership of your mistakes. It died a tragic death and lies under the tombstone of Political Correctness.

    3. JimmyJohn says:

      are you serious? How are you to blame? How am I to blame? The only people to blame are the parents…whether they were never there for their family or whether they walked away or whether they are still together….whatever the case. This about parental responsibility while the child is a minor and personal responsibility when the child becomes an adult. It does not “take a village” and we are NOT “all to blame”. Place the blame, shame, responsibility and consequences where they belong.

      1. Perplexed says:

        We are all to blame when we are silent about easy divorces and illegitimacy. Do you really think that these conditions would continue if people in mass demanded an end to them? I’m not absolving those who do these things.

      2. SH says:

        Amen brother. I have two boys and they would have hell to pay for a fraction of what I see kids in their school get away with. The only positive of these dirtbags is I can show my boys the behavior that makes you a worthless human being just by turning on the news. Unfortunately there is an overabundance of examples.

    4. zeke says:

      This is the “Tool of the Day” statement: “Our culture has tolerated homes that have only one parent for years”. Gheez!!!!

      1. Steven Mc Duffie says:

        The truth hurts huh Zeke? Yes the family breakdown is partly to blame and you can call people tools all you want the problem still remains. Fix the family unit and the problem gets better. Wake the f**k up people and get over yourselves.

    5. JS says:

      “We are all to blame”? What a crock.

  41. Jody says:

    I beg to differ with a lot of the comments posted here. These parents do not know right from wrong. They are going on 2nd and 3rd generation mindset of having babies and let someone else raise them. In a few years, all those old school grandparents that new how to raise kids will be gone and we are in for a real change in thug activity. It is only going to get worse. My solution…Limited time frame for welfare. REDUCTION of benefits if you have additional children while on benefits. Offer free sterilization for both men and women. I even heard of a proposal that would pay men $100 to have a vasectomy. Might be a good idea.

    1. YankeeintheSouth says:

      I disagree with you about parents knowing right from wrong. It doesn’t take much to watch the other 90% of people in America that know how to behave and act civilized in society and act like you have some sense. Otherwise, I agree 100% with the rest of your post!

    2. Jay says:

      for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me

      1. Tess says:

        And God is a deadbeat dad that can cuss and scorn from a 2000 yr old set of letters, but can’t get off his duff to save the billions of people suffering and dying from his neglect, and lack of guidance.

  42. Dave Remmin says:

    Nutter and his administration is a joke! There is no need for any new laws, just enforce the ones you have on the books already! All you do is spin your wheels and lie to pass new laws that limit the freedoms of good law abiding Philadelphians while you have no intention of enforcing them against the criminals in the first place. You act like your busy to justified your salaries while you make conditions worst to manufacture crisis situations within the city! DO YOUR JOB! You are our employee! Enforce the laws on the books and go after the criminals you joke of a mayor!

  43. Ben Dover says:

    D problum iz dat duh pairentz aint gots no gud edumakashun demselphs. Day dont no wen day be aktn liek ideuts n asshols. Hek, dem pairentz problee out n nuthur hood up to no gud demselphs.

    1. Bob-Salem says:

      Sad, and most likely true!

    2. Craig says:

      Is it bad that I read that so easily?

  44. tymwltl says:

    This guy needs to run for prisident. Just imagine someone who says it as it is !

    1. Erin Monday says:

      There already is someone like that running for president but you won’t hear about it on CBS or any other mainstream media outlet. His name is Ron Paul (YouTube it).

      1. Sarge says:

        So, you’re saying Ron Paul is just another Nutter? I agree!

      2. mac says:

        The difference bewtwwn Nutter and RP is that RP has ALWAYS spoken the truth and his principles and ethics, Nutter is just now getting around to it!
        Sarge, yeah right?)

      3. kevin says:

        Get over it Paul will never win anywher except his crazy little district in Texas.

      4. Craig says:

        He probably won’t win the Republican seat, but I would watch out for him if he runs as an independent.

    2. krp says:

      When Bill Cosby did, they said that he was going senile

  45. Smarg says:

    Folks, this is what happens after 45 years of subsidized illegitimacy.

    God hepp us.

  46. Scott Cunningham says:

    Nutter is correct in calling out these lazy, listless parents for inflicting their criminal spawn on the rest of society. Too bad he can’t charge them with anything. Regardless, a bit of public shaming is a good thing. Tired of all the excuses made for these thugs and their families. Personal responsibility goes to the parents as well.

  47. pitter43 says:

    I agree with almost everything said except they’re not ACTING like idiots and a**holes, they ARE idiots and a**holes. There’s also no need for more useless gun laws, enforce the ones that are in place. Stop letting liberals increase crime by letting criminals, their base, go free.

  48. Z22 says:

    The parent / child structure is pretty much nonexistent. There is too many things going on now days, that the bond is lost.
    Gogle: DailyJobCuts

    We need to get back to family roots, and start getting stuff back in order.

  49. Jay Palm says:

    Holder made it clear, his people can do anything!

  50. TAJ says:

    How can you expect these parents to stop acting like “idiots and a**holes” when they are themselves “idiots and a**holes”???

  51. Mike0oSS says:

    Yer a little late with the comment there mayor…Ya think…LOL

  52. Dobro says:

    Looks like the only solution to the problem is leave Philly to the criminals, politicians, police and lawyers. They all get paid for dealing with these issues. The city of Brotherly Love? The new Detroit? The flight may not be all white this time.

  53. rodpeters says:

    Very strong talk indeed. what these libs don’t realize is that even if you have an all out ban on gun ownership and possession, the bad guys still have them and can get them whenever they want. the only people their stupid laws hurt are the law abiding citizen that wants to protect themselves. does anyone review history or look at the past when they try to form an opinion?

  54. eve jayne says:

    The punk got the guns through the fast and furious program. We dont need a mayor acting like a grown man when he probably does the same. Blah Blah Blah SHUT UP

  55. Justin Time says:

    Just make the crime require maximum time. Illegal weapon? No illegal aliens? Progressives are so twisted.

  56. David Axelrod says:

    Like Mr. Bill Cosby has so eloquently stated:

    “Black on black crime, drug and alcohol abuse, and a stubborn proclivity towards embracing the most ignorant and juvenile, criminal and self defeating culture and mentality, has done more to to hurt black people than anything ole Whitey ever did.”

    Soooooooooooooooooo TRUE.

  57. Melvin says:

    The Mayor’s correct in his opinion, but how can one mayor fight an entire thug culture that thinks this is how Black folks are supposed to act.
    Before thug culture took over, Black kids towed the line with their parents. Black mothers were tough as nails, deeply religious and meaner than junk yard dogs and their kids didn’t dare cross them.
    Black girls didn’t dress and act like foul mouthed street walkers. They dress conservatively, were deeply religious, and very polite.
    Black fathers were their fingers to the bone to raise to provide for their families, and instilled in their kids a ethic of, “Things aren’t given there earned.”
    My next door neighbor is an elderly old school Black couple and my family still calls them Mr. and Mrs John even though we have lived next to them going on twenty years.
    Neighbor a couple houses down David and Angela raised their kids old school fashion and I’ve know their kids since they were born and they call me Mr.Melvin.
    And now little Boo is now a bigger Boo of whom I rescued from the middle street because her shoe laces got tangled up in her little bicycle is now going to college to become a rocket scientist.
    Mayor Nutter has an uphill battle, but it is a battle that can be won

    1. Jon Weiss says:

      You are correct in saying that there was a time that kids respected and obeyed their parents, but you miss a couple of key parts of the equation. The Mayors outrage is in part misplaced, since it is the government who is mostly responsible for this lack of discipline. The welfare state has made it poossible for the father to be absent and the increased ability and actual recruitment by some social workers for kids to sue their parents when they get punished for improper bahavior, are both key factors in the decline of proper legal behavior. This has been going on for decades and the government bears a large piece of the responsibility that the good Mayor ignores.

      1. Melvin says:

        Thanks Jon for completing my thought.

  58. Joe says:

    I have been a fan of Mayor Nutter. He is the only major black leader who speaks out against what is going on in the minority neighborhoods. At least he is not a cowards like Holder and Obama. Do you hear them speaking out? I wish there was a solution to these problems, I don’t have any, except to move further away. It will take more than words to solves these problems.
    Keep trying Mayor.

    1. hazmat77 says:

      Holder and Obama only speak out when the opportunity exists to blame white folks.

      1. Erin Monday says:

        Well, I think you put your finger on it. The welfare state needs to end and the small (or at least personal) community needs to become relevant again. Obviously, the federalized education system and “no child left behind” programs have also done their part. The solution is to bring it back to the state level with Ron Paul, 2012.

      2. Omar M. Grady says:

        oh STFU!!

  59. steve says:

    Between AIDS and violence, the black population of this country will slowly lead itself into extinction. They have done more to harm themselves than any white man ever did!

  60. BillB says:

    OMG ! a demi calling for parental responsibility , who’d of ever thought.

  61. Raule says:

    I think that the best way to handle this is to have a massive billboard, TV and Radio campaign that teaches parents how to raise their kids and give them phone numbers of parenting education centers. If the Obamas would only cut out (2) vacations to Hawaii per year think of how many TV adds 20 million dollars could buy. I challenge Barack to step up. Do the right thing.

  62. Dan says:

    I’ve not always been a fan of Mayor Nutter, but kudos to him for being right on the money here. Society can’t legislate people to be good parents! Congratulations Mayor, great job!

    1. Rowdy Boots says:




  63. Otis Campbell says:

    The Mayor is right about parents and kids. However, I’m wondering just what “new” gun law will prevent criminals from breaking existing gun laws.

    Dirtbags will always be able to illegally obtain and use firearms. We have a people problem, not a gun problem.

    1. Hazmat77 says:

      It’s not the gun laws that is the problem, which clearly is the admissability of evidence … the courts have gone way past common sense in applying the ‘fruit of the poisonous tree’ concept.

  64. Mary Potts says:

    And all these so called parents will be out protesting and holding signs instead of taking care of their kids. Stop the free lunches and the free breakfasts, make parents responsible for their own. They get food stamps and can’t buy a box of cereal, now they want free dinners too. You take away all responsibilities for these children from their parents and then you wonder what has happened. I say go back to bag lunches, breakfast and dinner at home and use the money saved to put more cops in the neighborhoods.

    1. Carol says:

      Too often, it seems that the parents are too concerned with being a ‘friend’ to their child than a parent. Those children don’t need another friend. they need a part to guide them and teach them how to be a responsible, productive member of society. Worry about being friends with them once they are self-sufficient.

  65. R Sr Simon says:

    It’s simply a matter of THUGS and WELFARE QUEENS raising little THUGS.

  66. Jim Thompson says:

    Of course, the state has put so many restrictions on how a parent can discipline a child that actually having the ability to do what the Mayor asks is sometimes problematic.

  67. Mike R says:

    The story said he was charged with possessing an unregistered illegal weapon and obliterating the serial number on a weapon. They said he was caught with this while on parole but yet the judge dismissed the charges on the grounds of illegal search and seizure. I thought when you are on parole the law does not apply to you and you can be searched at any time for any reason without cause?

  68. ww3 says:

    this why it is called FILTHYDELPHIA

    1. Bozo says:

      Sterilize all welfare queens. Maybe if they stop popping babies out for more EBT this will get under control. Drug test everyone on any kind of aid program. If they fail stop their payments. Give a responsible monitored third person the money for any children that are involved.

      1. ginger says:

        They used to do this openly in the gynecological community and stopped openly doing it in the mid-60’s. It was done to young women under the age of 16 or so, once they became pregnant (unwed) and had the baby, doctors would sterilize them without notice. I do not have written proof of this. But a gynecologist I regularly waited on told me this, and she was a mulatto. Law suits are popping up now.

  69. Don says:

    This Mayor hit the nail right on the head, now I’am sure some parents will complain about what the Mayor said. Those are the ones not watching their kids.

    1. Jsmith says:

      Nutter is my hero. This is the first time he’s been this blunt with parents and I hope he continues until the parents get responsible and save their kids lives.

      1. Cap says:

        Sorry, but they will NEVER be responsible parents. They likely only HAD the kids for more welfare money in the first place. As long as they keep getting their free money, they will continue this behavior!

      2. Ordinary Dude says:

        The people that he is addressing do not even know who he is and don’t watch the news, and furthermore, do not care. More grandstanding and big talk from a powerless politician who is not in the same world as his constituents.

    2. Freedom says:

      Really, so the only was a teenager can commit a crime is if the parents are irresponsible? So, who is responsible for an adult committing a crime, is the government then irresponsible? At what point are we going to start holding the perpetrator of the crimes responsible instead of pointing fingers and deflecting blame on to other parties? The real reason we have all this trouble is our culture of blame shifting.

  70. BartinbygodTEXAS says:

    bullseye for Mayor Nutter! give all of those punks guns and put’em in a bullet proof room to fight it out. nothing but trash.

  71. Bob Sloggin says:

    This mayor sounds like a closet Conservative!

    1. Rowdy Boots says:

      No, it is an election year and these teen got themselves killed at a very inconvenient time for Nutter.


  72. Ralph Gizzip says:

    Why don’t the Philly police just shoot anyone they arrest with an illegal weapon? You gotta gun you shouldn’t have? BOOM BOOM, out go the lights.

    Saves all kinds of time and money. If the public doesn’t like it then keep your kids under control.

  73. Somedude68 says:

    When ALL of you stop acting like jungloids and embrace the future of humanity… this will all go away.

  74. joel says:

    Philadelphia is a once great city with no future and only the monuments of the past to remind us of the great Americans that inhabited this city a long time ago. The sprawl looks like a mote of slums surrounding center city like an island. However there is a solution and it is called a Caterpillar D9

    1. rufus levin says:


  75. Bufonda Johnson says:

    i like turtles

  76. josniff says:

    Note to young boys everywhere: This is what a MAN sounds and acts like.

    1. AWaB says:


  77. Joe Drager says:

    Criminals illegally using illegal guns; solution – more gun laws.

    1. dbeall says:

      You are being sarcastic I assume.

  78. Hope and Change? says:

    Acting like idiots and a-holes would be a ‘step up’ in behavior. They’re acting more like mindless animals.

  79. obozosux says:

    News flash for Nutter- They aren’t ACTING!

  80. Vince says:

    Black leaders complain about “white flight”. But what white family in their right mind would ever want to raise their children in a war zone like Philly? Call it racism if you want, but black criminal behavior is the number one reason they are isolated in inner cities and left to destroy each other.

    1. obozosux says:

      Concise,articulate, spot on!

    2. Charles says:

      How did Philly become a war zone? Maybe racism is a good thing after all, especially in Philly. If I know that a dangerous element can be identified, then I can do something about it. If I am afraid to identify the problem, I will never be able to correct it. I would gladly support a police department that intimidates violent black youths, but also keeps the peace. By the time there is clearly no father in the home, it is time for the next line of defense, the police, to take charge. Racism–so what? Peaceful, that’s the key. Find out who is insulted, who is screaming racism, and maintain the shortest route to that home for the next violent episode.

      1. rufus levin says:


    3. Art says:

      Better them than me.

    4. Ernaldo T says:

      The problem is there are good blacks that have to live with this idiocy. Their problem is they keep putting their faith in false leaders, i.e. Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, Obama, etc. Not going to get better soon.

    5. rufus levin says:


    6. Marcus says:

      Exactly right. Let the White Liberals live with the animals.

  81. Paul Revere says:

    Talk about uphill battles

    Weird how Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson dont seem too concerned to show unity with mayor Nutter on this situation.

  82. RicardoCabeza says:

    Negroes right?

    1. Joe says:

      What a great Mayor Philly has! Too bad there are not more men with real sense like Mr. Nutter around. He and Christie should run for the presidency in ’12 on the same ticket. He may be fighting a losing battle but at he’s got balls!

      1. Il Bui says:

        I agree. Telling it like it is takes guts for a man in his position.

      2. rufus levin says:


  83. Scott Linman says:

    That’s right…shake that finger at ’em. Shame, shame, shame. That’s a great deterrent. Oh, and calling them names…brilliant. We all know that when unemployment goes up so does the crime rates. Look at the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, crime rates were through the roof. Another liberal politician that has no clue, right up there with Quan in Oakland

    1. RicardoCabeza says:

      @Scott Linman the crime rates been going down. Instead of failing on the internet like you fail in real life have you ever thought about not being an imbecile?

    2. Joe says:

      Besides having the nut sack to call out the criminally irresponsible parents and the criminal delinquent what exactly would you have him do? Should Mr. Nutter also be the judge, jury and executioner?

    3. JoeV says:

      You are surely a liberal so I suppose your idea for a solution would be to pass another law….right? According to your kind NOBODY is ever really WRONG, they just are DIFFERENT and we should NEVER, EVER place blame on anyone because we may harm their precious self esteem.

    4. stevieB says:

      Scott – We have a rare case of a leader (black or white) putting the blame where it belongs. I can not compare him at all with Quan and applaud him for the courage to step up especially risking the anger of the black community who normally circles the wagons to shut out anyone like him. He gets my support.

    5. Paul says:

      Actually shame is and has been a strong influence on behavior thru the ages….and you’re dismissing it as something ridiculous is a predicatable result of the average thinking of average people influenced by the mainstream media.

  84. Nelson Franks says:

    Nutter is absolutely correct. Finally, someone saying exactly what needs to be said!
    Restores my faith just a little.

  85. Brett says:

    Nutter is dead on. It’s about damn time people took responsibility for themselves and the children they brought into the world. It IS NOT the job of the mayor, the police, or any other government agency to supervise your kids. You’re the parents, it’s your job!

    1. rufus levin says:




      1. spicyspartan_1 says:

        @rufus levin you could replace the “black people” with PWT and you would get the same outcome. These issues have very little to do with race as they have to do with class. These are problems that plague POOR PEOPLE.You can visit any ghetto, trailer park, or barrio and guarantee you will see these same conditions. Race is simply a red herring. But that would require critical thinking on your part and we simply can’t expect that, now can we?

  86. Gary Beauchamp says:

    Why should parents feel responsible for their children? The government provides free lunches, breakfast, summer lunches, from day one, so it’s no wonder they aren’t invested in their kids’ lives. It takes a village, as Hillary Clinton told us. Government also provides sex ed, condoms, etc. parents aren’t needed. When bad things like this happen see your local, state or federal official and they will make it all better.

    1. rufus levin says:

      YOU GOT IT!!!!

  87. sick n tired of the B S says:

    Here’s the big picture. Mom and Dad don’t want to be responsible for the kids, or the government gets in the way. The Lawyers could care less about the kids they just work the law so it makes everything a sewer

    So get used to it, and let the virus burn itself out. Your kids are not anyone’s responsibility but the parents. As for a compelling interest on the part of the state? You got to be kidding, there just isn’t enough money to correct the problems. You could spend it all and the problem wouldn’t get any better.

  88. Larry Croft says:

    People are asking, “Where are the parents?” A major part of the solution can be found in chapter 28 of my essay, Fading Nation in Success, which can be accessed from my Facebook page –

    Briefly stated, I advocate locking parents or guardians in the same cell or a nearby cell with the juvenile. Seem pretty simple to me. What kid would want to be “tethered” to the very person or persons they try to avoid 24/7? What parent or guardian would want to be with the kid, as well?

    Read it. You might like it.

  89. artemis133 says:

    Good for Mayor Nutter! Now the rest of the black mayors and leaders need to get on the same train!

  90. david says:

    The author made a jump in conclusions: He stated “Mayor Nutter says this is another example of how difficult it can be for the city to go after illegal guns with the laws that are on the books.”

    First, Nutter was not quoted as saying this.

    Second, the law is clear about the illegal guns — the problem was that the lawyers played technical games in order to remove the evidence from the case. The law is fine. The lawyers are the problem.

    1. Bill says:

      The legal pro$$esion is only interested in enhancing there billable hours and cash flow

      Laws are passed by,interpreted by, and benefited by LAWYERS
      And please, spare me the platitudes of how honorable they are.

  91. suck it up says:

    If you let your kids act like thugs then don’t get bent out of shape when they die life thugs. It’s time to let the rose buds fall where they may.

    1. rufus levin says:


      1. Junkieturtle says:

        Rufus, I truly pity you for you appear to be a very sad and angry individual. In your sadness and anger, you have persecuted an entire race of people while being completely ignorant to just how ridiculous you actually sound. Blaming black people as a race works….except when it doesn’t. It doesn’t work the second I show you a responsible black person, and if I actually had the time and the resources to track them all down, would probably surprise you. No, you take the easy route and castigate an entire race of people because it’s easier for you. It’s easier for you to focus your derision on an easily blameable group than it is to examine the real causes of crime. Perhaps I don’t pity you know that I think about it. I tend not to pity people who willingly choose to live in a narrow fictional reality simply because it makes it easier for them to be angry and hostile.

        Get some help man. For your sake, for your families sake, and for the sake of society.

  92. Tom Reid says:

    Why doesn’t the state just tell the parents, if we catch your kids and they’re convicted, we’ll take away all assistance.
    Sure it seems a little draconian, but it’s the best motivation to get the job done by getting parents to fix the problem.
    And parents should have an ‘out’ if the kid is too much to handle and too out of line they should take a ride downtown.

    1. rufus levin says:


  93. linda says:

    AMEN…..that’s what i wanna hear….where were the parents?? the parents should be held liable for any crimes those kids commit if they can’t control their kids.

    1. Words you don’t hear publicly from someone like a mayor…. enough! He is absolutely right–what a tragedy and a VERY hard lesson for the parents. I pray it doesn’t escalate any further.

    2. Bill says:

      The dads are out thugging, the moms humping for more crack.

  94. jlh287 says:

    Give Nutter some credit because he knows his “race” is killing itself in the ghettos for no dam good reason. He is not making excuses here saying they are victims of the system. Good. He needs to keep talking tough to his people, they need strong leaders that lecture about the problems not pander to the obstacles, which are indeed many for the underprivileged and often abused youth committing such crimes. I am a PA native and never ventured to Philly because of the violence and crime. Hopefully it can move forward even further.

    1. Alex says:

      Can Whites have leaders, too?

      1. Barry Lange says:

        We already have them….they are called politicians.


  95. Chris Lynch says:

    This mayor is great. I love politicians that speak their minds, and don’t try to sell us some stupid rhetoric.

    Come to my hometown, I’ll vote for you.

  96. DigitalBob says:

    The inevitable result of giving money and freedom from work to people incapable of handling it.

  97. Charles Miller says:

    The more I hear about Mayor Nutter, the more I like him. Now if he could just run for mayor in Houston, I’d move there just to vote for him.

    1. Richard says:

      That’s kinda stupid to move to a place just to vote for someone! Just get a dead persons name that lived there and then vote under that name. That’s what democrats do!

  98. bvw says:

    Single motherhood can and should be banned and outlawed. Think it can’t be banned? Of course it can. You take the children away, and raise them as wards of the state if that is what is needed, if the grandparents or other married friends or family do not adopt the children of such low birth. Otherwise they end up as wards of the state anyway. As either future child-adult single welfare moms, or as those incarcerated for crime and felony, or in some city-paid burial plot.

    The children of single mothers are themselves immature and irresponsible, in general. Their children are burdened for a lifetime by not having a stable fully formed family, a real adult Dad married to a mature Mom. In too many cases they end up failures, poor and criminal. This is especially so in neighborhoods and extended “families” where proper stables families are not the norm.

    It was only two generations ago that being a single mother was on the books as a crime. A single mom was rarely prosecuted, but the criminal status was well known and respected. Single women who got pregnant, many or most of them were compelled by social stigma and or family pressure to marry the man. When that was not possible or wise, the child was adopted or raised by the grandparents. It worked. Not perfect, but far better than what is had today.

    1. bvw says:

      typo: “stables” should be “stable” meaning “Consistently dependable; steadfast of purpose”

      1. ginger says:

        Wow, bvw, you are sooooo smart. By all means continue to correct grammar and make the world a better place. What would we do without you grammar nazis? Oh yeah, probably discuss the issues.

      2. ginger says:

        haha. I just realized you were correcting yourself… oops. agree with your post by the way. These are the things others are afraid to say out in the open.

    2. gretasandiego says:

      I never post on message boards but was compelled to after reading your extremist views. Please research what happens to the children who DO become “wards of the state” in this day and age through child “protective” services. These children very often become victims of rape, and molestation by pedophiles attracted to work in these government institutions. These children often become runaways, drug addicts, prostitutes, and street criminals. It is a tragedy.

      BUT you were not even talking about taking away children from messed up parents but NORMAL single mothers. I was raised by a single mother — I am a teacher with a Master degrees. Most of my friends were also raised by single mothers and ended up with good careers and a family of their own. Your ideas disturbed me to the core. It is extremely disturbing to me that their are people with such extreme fascist views who are living in America — or are you living in America? Hopefully not.

      1. laffin'atcha says:

        greta, you were obviously raised in a different era. While BVW may not have made the point eloquently, the point is none the less valid. Take the gov’t financial incentive out of child rearing and watch what happens. Also, mandatory sterilization after the second gov’t paid for baby.

    3. spicyspartan_1 says:

      I think you’re talking out of your ass with your sweeping generalizations and oddly enough no facts to back it up. So from your post, am i to ascertain that you too are a product of a single parent household?

  99. Big Kitchen says:

    God gives us leaders after our own hearts. Enough said.

  100. Bill says:

    Wow! Some of the most honest words spoken by a public official in decades. This guys a conservative – 200%.
    Its so true that so many parents are the cause of this type of problem.

    1. Bob Jones says:

      Yeah, his focus is 100% gun control. Yeah, that’s going to work. We know what the real problem is, and it’s not a lack of gun control. But were to politically correct to spell out the word.

  101. WriteGuy says:

    All the Mayor has to do is have the police begin arresting the perps under the Federal Project Exile, which is a Federal program that carries a MANDATORY 5 year prison sentence in a federal pen for firearms related crimes. The best thing with Project Exile is the sentence is mandatory, no plea bargains period! The problem with Exile is the police must arrest under its statutes, which most police departments do not duo.

  102. Rebecca says:

    Anyone with a pulse knows that Philadelphia is insane. Scary place- Nutter has his hands full.

  103. Kwazy says:

    Welcome to the welfare state. Subsidised child birth is producing more and more children who are neglected by the parents who cashed them in.

  104. Maxwell says:

    Well done Mayor, put it in terms they can understand!

    1. You go Mr Mayor says:

      I agree. Sometimes you have to be blunt with people and just tell’em the truth. This seems like it was one of those times. I hope the teenagers and parents listen to his wise counsel.

    2. Bob Jones says:

      LOL, words mean nothing if his focus is on gun control. Give me a break.

  105. Pat says:

    Why does the boss (Mayor) allow his Police Dept to do illegal searches so that charges do not stick? …

    1. herpderp says:

      He wasn’t mayor in 2004, genius.

      1. Mark Delancey says:

        The libs usually are idiots. Never let lack or ignorance of facts get in the way of a good whine

  106. chuhyona says:

    Common sense is what Mayor Nutter has. The world is upside down. Thank God we still have men like the Mayor. African Americans this is what Leadership looks like. The Obama machine will try and destroy Mayor Nutter mark my words.

  107. katsons says:

    wow! thanks Nutter. Nicely said. thank you for taking the stand. you have my vote.

  108. brookly red says:

    wow, Philadelphia has a real mayor… here in NYC all we got is Bloomy. Maybe I should move.

  109. gwbnyc says:

    “how difficult it can be for the city to go after illegal guns”

    -the problem is felons in illegal possession of firearms, not “illegal guns”.

    1. happydots says:

      It was a ‘mistype’… it’s what they want to believe… guns are bad ya hear!

  110. Bob Johnson says:

    Ben Simmoneau didn’t quote the Mayor as saying that,”this is another example of hard hard it is to fight illegal guns with the laws on the books”. Without the quote, I wonder if the Mayor said it or the reporter made an editorial comment.

    The Mayor’s beef should be with the police who couldn’t articulate the probable cause for the search or the judge who didn’t want to hear their facts.

    Either way additonal guns laws to restrict my ability to defend myself from the likes of the perps in Philadelphia are not needed.

  111. Ahab says:

    I bet once the “victims” are identified, we will be subjected to a follow-up story in which their (single) mothers and half-siblings (likely with different surnames) are quoted as saying what nice boys they were and what bright futures they had.

    1. laffin'atcha says:

      you forgot the grandmas, who always come out talking about their wonderful innocent little angel…

  112. Monsire mad desire says:

    Way to step up Mr. Nutter and speak the “truth”. It takes a strong man to face the beast, stare him down and fight. This country needs strong black men like yourself to set the example for these kids. There are others like you I have met them in the military, in the church, in the gym and on the football field. If America is to get any stronger there will need to more of what you got.

    1. laffin'atcha says:

      But unfortunately today’s youth are idolizing rappers, NBA thugs, and the guy on the corner with the Mr. T starter kit on his neck. They’re not in the military, the church, or into athletics.

  113. GNA says:

    100% behind the Mayor – those children should never have been in that car on a school night. What’s sad it that grown man who shot these children is probably being held up as a hero to those three step children, which in turn sets them up for the same fate as their stepfather.

  114. K says:

    Nutter needs to run for President!

    1. Bob Jones says:

      This comment explains why we have Obama for president. Somebody forgot their thinking cap today.

    2. dobro says:

      I think I would rather see him solve the problem with his actions first before I elect him President because he has the ability to give good speaches.. Deja vu

  115. outofsightoutofmind says:

    Really. The French had one good idea – the only workable approach. Penal colonies for these creeps. Papillon beat the system but may have become a useful citizen. Rehabilitation, parental contribution, sheeit. Will we ever learn. .

  116. durgator says:

    Blaming guns for thug violence is like blaming the plate when someone gets food poisoning.

  117. The real solution says:

    People on welfare are accountable to no one and can sleep all day and party all night.Worse yet they can breed 24/7 unlike us working stiffs who are lucky to procreate at all after a tough day at work. End all welfare and lets get on with the horrible violence in the aftermath.

  118. Benjamin Cook says:

    It’s not the guns…

    It’s the dropped charges. It’s the “thug” culture. It’s the removal of SHAME from children’s lives. It’s the removal accountability from children’s lives.

    Blaming the guns is what people who share culpability in this tragedy will say.

    When you hear someone blame “guns” you know they either now support or previously supported laws/systems/behaviors/judgments that contributed to the environment that produces these “results”.

  119. BadPenny says:

    This mayor better be careful of what he says, he;ll have Sharpton and Jackson camping out in his office claiming racism.

    I however, commend him for speaking up and not being politically correct. Time to take the kid gloves off!

  120. 'old Philly" mom says:

    Amen, Mayor Nutter! Thank you for speaking both as a parent and as a leader. As you can see, you speak for most of us.

  121. The Bruce says:

    KUDOS to Mayor Nutter!!!!!

  122. Brian says:

    Good for him. I work in schools and parents too often back their children when they act like idiots. Government is not the problem. We have a society in which individuals are too quick to look for excuses instead of taking responsibility for their actions. I’ve never even heard of this man before, but I would vote for him if I could. Speak the truth!

    1. GMScott says:

      Uhmmm, government IS the problem. Look at ALL the excuses the “elected” CROOKS come up with when they’re caught! EVER hear them claim responsibility or accountability for their actions?? Top-down examples for society! Oh Yeah, ever hear the chief executive officer of the NATION take responsibility for our current state of affairs?? WHY NO, it’s Bush’s fault, it’s the Repubs fault, it’s the Do-Nothing Congress” fault, it’s the earthquake’s fault, it’s the hurricane’s fault! Sound familiar!!??

  123. Mark says:

    An ditto to Bill Bodeman’s comment!

  124. Mark says:

    Hip, hip, hooray for Mayor Nutter!

  125. Jdubs says:

    Parents should be held responsible for ALL the things their kids do, if they can’t handle them, the kid should go to reformatory schools. Jesse Jackson and that type of black leader has done more to destroy black families than any social discrimination has, a mess for poor urban blacks…. Thanks to black leaders who teach that being black is a reason to fail.

  126. RD says:

    Ferrel Humans!

    1. kelly says:


  127. Bill Bodeman says:

    I am a die-hard conservative……. and I take my hate off to this man…. …

  128. rhmazzy says:

    must have come into his hood an disrespected him. lol

  129. bigbiz2 says:

    Good for the mayor…finally some real leadership…

  130. Shari says:

    Boy, this mayor tells is like it is! It’s about time. I don’t care whether you’re white or black parents: take care of your kids

    In the 1960s when I was in high school parents knew where their kids were; at least mine did. i never could be out running around like that after dark; it was home and homework and chores to do!!

    Maybe we should get back to those days again!


    1. BOB says:

      “Maybe we should get back to those days again!”

      Yes we should…but it will never happen.

  131. Jerry Frey says:

    PHILADELPHIA — Mayor Michael A. Nutter, telling marauding black youths “you have damaged your own race,” imposed a tougher curfew Monday in response to the latest “flash mob” — spontaneous groups of teens who attack people at random on the streets of the city’s tourist and fashionable shopping districts.

    “Take those God-darn hoodies down, especially in the summer,” Mr. Nutter, the city’s third black mayor, said in an angry lecture aimed at black teens. “Pull your pants up and buy a belt ‘cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt.”

    “If you walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you? They don’t hire you ‘cause you look like you’re crazy,” the mayor said. “You have damaged your own race.”

  132. Prophet says:

    “We cannot completely legislate, or by policy, make people responsible for their children.”

    Wow…Nutter is sounding more & more like…a conservative. Well, eventually everyone matures & gets a brain!

    1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

      Oh, man, DON’T say that….

      They’ll vote the guy out of office.

      Personally, I like a poltician who tells it like it is, doesn’t parse words to be poltically correct.

      Debbie Wasserman Shultz will probably have him thrown out of office!

  133. TxHokie says:

    Mr. Nutter should be commended for telling it straight.

  134. JohnRalph says:

    Good shooting

  135. John Villanueva says:

    Dude has been and continues to be insanely refreshing.

    1. J Spade says:

      Everything the Mayor Said Made Perfect Sense. The sad part is that it’s newsworthy to say such “radical” things. It’s unfortunate that Common sense and resposibility is a new concept to so many people. The people in the story and many readers of my comment will probably think of them as Victims, and that there was nothing they could do about it.
      Life is what you make of it and you are personally responsible.

  136. RS says:

    Perhaps destroying the black family by rewarding out-of-wedlock children and punishing families with live-in-dads wasn’t such a great liberal idea after all.

    Question… can we return to responsible nuclear families or should we just expect black children to continue to go without fathers?

    1. 44Guyton says:

      Answer: No. Not unless America elects a CONSERVATIVE President and an equally conservative congress. Chances of that happening ZERO. The Black community demands entitlements and the plantation owners, i.e. Democrats will not give these up.
      It will take a financial collapse on the scale of the great depression to change things fundamentally.

      1. John says:

        Absolutely correct! It’s slavery through dependency. They remain dependent on the Democrats and therefor support them and keep them in power, which was and still is the plan of the Democrats.

      2. spicyspartan_1 says:

        The entire black community? Really? How did you arrive to this conclusion? Oh wait, I know. B/C you have black friends and they told you so. Get a clue. The community I grew up in were all working class and middle class families with two-parent households so you fail with your assumption. Quite frankly, the majority of black Americans are actually quite conservative, however the politicians that represent the conservative side of the house seem to want to “take America back” to the 19th century and if your selective memory will permit it that wasn’t a great time for all Americans.

    2. John Frost says:

      Darwin:: Blacks are NOT human, but wild africab animals

  137. Steve says:

    Their parents were also raised without supervision.

  138. marcos says:

    3 less aholes guy arrested is a hero for protecting his home/children

    1. RA Carr says:

      Tough or tougher gun laws will never be followed by anyone who is breaking ‘weak’ laws

    2. Carl says:

      They were coming to fight, not kill. The just reprisal would’ve been to beat them up. It is not heroic to kill unarmed boys. The guy is a triple murderer. Don’t try to be a tough guy behind your computer and celebrate a cowardly, evil act.

      1. kc1123 says:

        yeah. he should have let them beat him, possibly to death and only then should he defend himself. Sure it may have been too late then but the criminals have rights.

        if everyone that thought about attacking someone thought there was a chance they’d be shot by one of those evil guns i beat we’d have fewer killings, not more.

      2. Workingman Perspective says:

        So Carl, coming to “fight” is acceptable? Really. Son you need to grow up. In the world we live in fighting can mean your death. Defending your family from thugs and the miscreants is a top priority.

        When these little wanna be banger’s show up at your door to “fight” and they proceed to beat you and your family half to death, rape your wife and daughters, and leave the rest in therapy for the rest of the natural lives you might rethink your position on this.

      3. laffin'atcha says:

        Carl, let me help you my mathmatically challenged do-gooder. It was 7 against 1. You think those odds are fair?

  139. perseus317 says:

    The mayor is telling it like it is. I’m sick and tired of society making excuses for the animals that roam our streets. The parents DO NOT supervise their children. They are wrapped up in their own little world, and don’t really give much thought to the serious responsibility of parenting. In fact, in many cases, the children are brought up in a, “Do as I say, not as I do.” situation, where the parents themselves have little or no self-control. In the inner city, many young people grow up idolizing the gangsta mentality. This is because the parents have not presented or demanded an alternative set of values. Children who are raised in a situation where the law of the jungle is all around them, are going to act like animals in the jungle, where it’s kill or be killed.

  140. Dave says:

    This guy is a straight shooting, no BS guy. The Black Community could use more like him…..

    1. ObamaMamaDrama says:

      Instead the Blacque Communitah will lynch him.

  141. Joe bob says:

    Please dont forget about all the liberal new laws children have . You cant spank a kid in a grocery store anymore without having someone call child and children services. A lot of this is society faults for taking away parents right to woop their kids butt. I not justifying the situation just stating the facts

    1. happydots says:

      Kids can still get their butts whipped in the privacy of their own home though… this argument holds little water. I agree with you in terms that parents are not allowed to actually BE parents in public any longer. If someone came to my house, said my son was spray painting their house, I’d beat his butt and make him clean the mess but today’s parents will scream at the person, claim their child’s innocence and scream at them for daring question their parental skills, and slam the door in the person’s face.

  142. mp says:

    Nutter is the only one in the BLACK COMMUNITY with any BALLS

    1. 44Guyton says:

      You are right. But does anybody in the black community give a damn? These murders happen over and over again. It’s the same old, same old.

  143. Winghunter says:

    “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

    1. Abbey Cavanuagh says:

      I can only hope the rep candidate believes these things. And puts them to the forefront in the debates against THE SMARTEST GUY IN THE WORLD.

      Of course, lil Barry will only be forced to do 2 or at the most 3 debates…and he will get the poofters running the show.

      Still, I think he will be exposed as NOT the smartest guy in the world. The worst of the rep crowd will expose him in a debate.

      I smell bloodbath. No matter how the admin massages the unemployment #s.

  144. ironage says:

    They is what they is.

  145. Spanky says:

    Surely this is Bush’s fault, or maybe the Tea Party and Reagan…

    1. Abbey Cavanuagh says:

      That old grease ball Blabbermouth (d) blamed the Tucson shootings on Palin/Rush/Conservatives, etc. yet again.

      Pretty funny, no?

  146. Joe Black says:

    They went looking for trouble and they found it plain and simple , the man was wrong for shooting them but they went to his house trying to be gangsters. The only time you see the parents is on TV saying what good boys they were what ever , how in the hell would they no , the parents did not no what these thugs were doing on a school night. But most of these parents are doing there own thing.

  147. Mary Fran Torres says:

    One of the pictures in the metro were of the deceased teenagers posing shirtless with a bottle of wine/liquor. WHERE IS THE PARENTAL SUPERVISION??????

  148. rose says:

    The parents have lost their children. Give them a break Maybe they were at work trying to support their families.

    1. kate says:

      really? i was a single mom with 3 boys and 1 girl- someone always had an eye on my kids when i was at work, be it a care giver or a family member. it isn’t easy but you need to teach your children right from wrong or there are consequences. unfortunately these parents won’t be able to tell these boys what they did was wrong, sadly it is too late.

      1. TheRealKingMax says:

        Kate, my compliments to you – raising 4 kids by yourself and supporting the family, is enough of a load, but doing it well…

        Good for you. You’re a role model for all of the whining, don’t care about the kids “parents” who let their lil’ procreations run wild in the streets.

    2. John Frost says:

      They are criminal Knee growa not children

  149. Nostromo says:

    Parents & Society are equally at fault. Tolerances are far too high for this sort of (increasing) incident.

    Clamp down hard on offending parties. Do not care one wit for violations of rights and so forth until the situation comes under some sort of sustainable management. It is also a violation of one’s “rights” to be walking down some street and either be accosted by some piece of Society’s refuse or to catch an errant piece of lead in the noggin.

    1. Intrepid says:

      No, it is solely the responsibility of the parents. You’ve been listening to too much hogwash dished out by the media.

      1. Nostromo says:

        I don’t see too many parents drafting legislation and mandating its enforcement.

        Nostromo; For The Win.

  150. Jim says:

    Don’t you love how the victims family is all hogging air time blaming the suspect and how their kids were GOOD BOYS? I feel good when they have tears on TV doing this.

  151. TheRawNerveShow says:

    This is crazy. Mr. Mayor is telling it like it is, and I approve. If these kids are getting guns, wandering the streets at night, shooting and fighting, then the sole responsibility for this should fall on the parents. Losing control of what your kids are doing and where they’re at is the parent’s fault. These are KIDS, not adults. Parents need to step their game up and be more accountable and involved in their kids lives. If these types of kids and famlies are the future of Philadelphia, I truly feel bad for the city.

    Mayor Nutter should be given the authority to beat some sense into these little punks, parents included!

  152. Carolyn says:

    I have to agree with Nutter on this one, parents need to account for what their children do, who they hang around & there whereabouts at all times!!!

  153. SaveOurCHildren says:

    I heard from an on scene officer that the 7 boys that went to jump the one boy had guns also. Where are these children parents? Where are these children getting the guns? and Why were they not getting ready for school for the next day? 14 years old outside at 10:30-11pm. Shows you how much the parents cared for them. Now as for dum dum pulling out a gun on these teens. Thats a H-E-L-L-N-O. Did he even think about calling the cops? What people dont call cops anymore?LikeI said at the beginning they are making these children look like they weren’t there with guns themselves and they had guns also (the three boys that actully went up to the door had the guns). They can’t mention it because they are minors. People take care of your children. Life is already too short with people dying from natural causes or diseases like cancer.

    1. YankeeintheSouth says:

      See comments by Reverend Doctor Ivory White, Ph. D…

  154. SaveOurCHildren says:

    I heard from an on scene officer that the 7 boys that went to jump the one boy had guns alos. Where are these children parents? Where are these children getting the guns? and Why were they not getting ready for school for the next day? 14 years old outside at 10:30-11pm. Shows you how much the parents cared for them. Now as for dum dum pulling out a gun on these teens. Thats a H-E-L-L-N-O. Did he even think about calling the cops? What people dont call cops anymore? But like I said at the beginning they are making these children look like they weren’t there with guns themselves and they had guns also (the three boys that actully went up to the door had the guns). They can’t mention it because they are minors. People take care of your children. Life is already too short with people dying from natural causes or diseases like cancer.

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