Joe Biden Visiting Bucks County Friday To Talk About Cost Of College

By Brad Segall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Vice President Joe Biden is coming to the Philadelphia area tomorrow morning to speak to high school students in Bucks County about the cost of college and what the Obama Administration is doing to make it more affordable.

Biden and Deputy Secretary of Education Tony Miller will speak to students Friday morning at Central Bucks West High School in Doylestown. Even though students have finals next week, class schedules are being adjusted to give students a chance to take part in what could be a chance of a lifetime.

CB West Principal Kevin Munnelly says the Vice President’s message will likely resonate with many of the students.

“Unfortunately for a lot of our students where they go to school is being more a decision of what they can afford as opposed to what they wanted to study.”

200 seniors from the other two high schools in the district will also attend the event. A release from the White House says Biden will also call on colleges and universities to help contain the costs of an education. Republican party leaders are calling it a campaign stop.


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One Comment

  1. Rick says:

    Check out this company that is trying to make a difference in education by publishing free, open, online textbooks.

  2. kATHY kILCOYNE says:

    JOE – Let’s keep traffic moving and use a helicopter to get there from the airport! NO NEED TO STOP TRAFFIC up and down 611 AND IT WOULD PROBABLY BE CHEAPER….OH I FORGOT…. YOU AND BARACK CAN HAVE US PAY FOR IT LATER!!!!!!

  3. Republican says:

    A Republican in college gets:

    1. Higher grades and free scholarship grants because they don’t use drugs

    2. Leadership experience in school clubs and athletics which translates into spending your summers traveling the world for internships (working for corporate america)

    3. Cleaner records, less debt, and more options when you graduate and find a job

    4. You’ll look good, owe less debt, buy a sweet car, get your dream job, and can afford to be arrogant if you choose

  4. slick joey b from big d says:

    joe , teach them about plagerism and forgery, you know how that works.

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