Long-Sought Route 322 Bypass Gets Grand Opening In Gloucester County, NJ

By David Madden

MULLICA HILL, N.J. (CBS) — Gloucester County officials today cut the ribbon on a new stretch of road that many vowed would never be built.

The Route 322 bypass around Mullica Hill is expected to ease traffic congestion in the town, and a whole lot more.

If you cross the Commodore Barry Bridge and take Route 322 down to Route 55 on your way “down the shore,” you know how bad the Mullica Hill backups could be.  The little town where three major roads meet has been a traffic nightmare at rush hour and on summer weekends for decades.

sweeney steve side madden Long Sought Route 322 Bypass Gets Grand Opening In Gloucester County, NJ

(Credit: David Madden)

New Jersey state senate president Steve Sweeney (right), during his days as a Gloucester County freeholder, came up with the bypass idea.

“I figured, ‘Man, this has been a problem for 40 years —  we’re gonna be heroes!’  Boy, did we get the crap kicked out of us,” he recalled with a laugh.

But Sweeney and fellow supporters pressed on, and eventually many of the locals came around.

Crews brought this $16-million project in on time and on budget.

It’s hoped that many small businesses that left Mullica Hill because of the traffic congestion might come back now.  And the town that had threatened to throw Sweeney out of office when he was a freeholder now wants to name the bypass in his honor.

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One Comment

  1. Susan says:

    Yeah the end of Walter’s Road will be the next accident spot!

  2. ip says:

    i love how drivers are not using the bypass and i see 18-wheelers still using the old road. thanks Harrison township and all the other parties involved for this road for spending our tax dollars and making people loose their home for this road when it is not being used. THANK YOU!!!! i live at the end of route 322 and route 45 and i see the same amount of traffic in front of my house. also, i do not see any cars at the light when i drive by the new bypass. BRILLIANT. thanks for all the wasted money and families being disrupted for your stupid over hyped road.

  3. upset resident says:

    The people who use Walters Road every day got the raw end of the deal. There’s no way you will be able to make a left turn from Walters onto the by-pass once the shore traffic starts moving through.
    There is a curve on Walters Road with a telephone pole very close to the street. Did they move the pole? No, they fixed it by putting a reflective orange and white striped marker on it. Someone will end up hitting that pole because drivers going in the opposite direction cannot stay on their side of the double yellow line.

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