Roman Catholic Church Offers New Parish For Disaffected Episcopalians

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new Roman Catholic diocese created for disgruntled Episcopalians may get at least a few converts from the Philadelphia area.

The new diocese, announced by Pope Benedict XVI New Year’s Day, is proving attractive to conservative congregations.

Father David Ousley has already made the break with the Episcopal Church, having moved out of St. James Church in East Falls in a dispute with church hierarchy.

His congregation continues as what it calls a “traditional Anglican church” in Overbrook, but he says it is considering joining the new ordinariate.

“We are moving in that direction,” Ousley says. “The parish has not yet taken a formal decision, but we’re grateful to the Holy Father for the option.”

The John Henry Newman Fellowship in Devon also may move.

Both parishes are unhappy with Episcopalians’ allowing women and gay priests.

Msgr. Michael Carroll of Philadelphia’s Catholic Archdiocese says that with the new ordinariate, disaffected Episcopalians can convert without losing their traditional service.

“The familiarity with how to pray and worship, that was something they wanted not to have to suffer,” Carroll tells KYW Newsradio.  “They wanted to cling to that.”


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One Comment

  1. Gary Steele says:

    How long before the two churches declare a holy war?

  2. Carlos Reid says:

    Good luck to Rome with the grumpy old Anglo-Catholic Episcopalians. They’re a real piece of work.

  3. M.B.Willoughby says:

    This is an insult of sorts to we Episcopalian’s .
    Perhaps given the failings of the Philadelphia Archdiocese to
    keep 48 of their parochial schools open ,we might reconsider
    that in a manner of speaking “we can do better ” with the Roman

    1. Carlos Reid says:

      M.B., most Christians consider the Episcopal “church” as apostate. You really should come off your high-horse.

  4. no fan of the commission says:

    Is there an Episcopalian parish for us disaffected Roman Catholics?

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