Catholic Elementary School Plans To Fight Closure By Archdiocese

By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A small Catholic elementary school in Port Richmond plans to fight its planned closure by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Monsignor Joseph Anderlonis greeted parents by saying Saint George slayed the dragon. A fitting opening since little Saint George’s elementary plans to fight the dragon otherwise known as the Archdiocese. This school is different from many because it raises it’s own funding.

“We have a little deficit at the end of the year, we have a bazaar, we get more money in the bank, we pay our bills. We owe them nothing!” said Monsignor Anderlonis

Parents say the school is family.

“I went to school here, my son goes here, my sister teaches here,” said one parent. “Plus we have a waiting list for certain grades to come in here, I mean that says a lot for our school.”

Principal Daniel Markowski set up a review meeting for January 17th for the Archdiocese to hear the school’s defense to stay open.

However, Markowski says the review committee is made up of the same people who decided on the list of schools slated to close.

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One Comment

  1. TJ says:

    Private business and philanthropists should step up…

  2. AL HADDEN says:

    This apeals process is giving people false hope, the AOP has egg on its face and wil not recind on there decision to close these schools. More sadely this bleeeding could have been slowed to allow time for this change, The AOP continues to show no regard for parents rights, or the children’s needs,they will listen but do nothing, just like they promised other parishes in our area., the leadership in the Archdiocese has been pitiful, and I personally have NO FAITH IN THE FUTURE FOR CATHOLIC EDUCATION

  3. Susan Skolsky Finn says:

    DON’T BE FOOLED!! I predict there will be one high school “saved” (probably Conwell-Egan) and 10% of the elementary schools “saved” (that’ only 4)
    Everyone effected should protest in front of the MANSION on City Ave. that the Archbishop lives in every Saturday. Holding signs that read “Sell the mansion” “Layoff your cook, secretary, chauffeur not our teachers” “Don’t close our FUTURE” “Where’s YOUR sacrifce?” How does one go about organizing such a thing?
    I still want to know who’s on the appeals committee and what are their credentials. I still want to know where this “$10 million” a year the Archdiocese supposedly saves by closing the schools comes from.(since they don’t fund our schools,the parents, and the parishes do) I still don’t think it is right to ask children to sacrifice while you live in a mansion, have a cook, a secretary and a chauffeur.
    And the pressure of all the demonstrations from this past week are being felt because “suddenly” it went from “No appeals,” to “that’s just a rumor”, to now there’s an “appeals process.”

  4. citizenwife says:

    Increasing tuition might be a viable option if the school had a deficit in the 1st place. In this case, it doesn’t. This school does not owe a single cent to the AOP, which means that they have been wrongfully targeted for closure, according to the BRC’s own guidelines.

  5. Adwana Cowherd says:

    just charge the parents more money, problem solved.

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