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Philadelphia Traffic Judge-Elect Stymied By Qualifying Test

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A newly elected judge at Philadelphia Traffic Court can’t start hearing cases, because she flunked a test of basic traffic laws.

Traffic Court judges in Pennsylvania don’t need law degrees to serve, but they do need to pass a test of basic driving laws before they can take the oath of office.   And that proved to be a problem for newly elected Christine Solomon.

“She did not pass the qualifying test,” says Judge Gary Glazer, the head of Philadelphia Traffic Court.

Glazer says Solomon will get another chance:

“She has an opportunity to retake the test at the end of January,” he tells KYW Newsradio, “and if she is successful, then she will be eligible to be sworn in and hear cases.”

Glazer himself was installed as head of Traffic Court last month by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to clean up what was said to be rampant ticket fixing and patronage (see related story).


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One Comment

  1. Kurt says:

    This is the worst city for drivers. We have the PPA, which make real criminals look like saints and now a judge who can’t pass the driving test. Only in Philly.

  2. al glass says:

    how does a traffic court judge hear a case if she doesnt know the laws how does the city put these people in these positions i guess because thats the way they do things no wonder people dont have any respect for the court system

  3. Jack says:

    Who knows, maybe this could work out to our advantage… (A stupid violation that’s designed only to generate revenue, such as a 1 beer DUI, could be thrown out)

  4. Linda D Bryant says:


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