Local Blogger Had Scoop On Philadelphia Post Office Closures

By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Most of the Philadelphia post offices on a list for possible closure have been spared, and that news was pried from postal officials not by a politician or reporter, but a blogger.

Evan Kalish, Penn grad student and creator of the blog Going Postal, visits post offices near and far for fun. But the announcement that the network could be scaled back considerably got him to file a Freedom of Information Act request for an update. What he found was that hundreds of post offices were no longer under threat.

“I was pleased to see that 13 out of the 14 post offices in Philadelphia that were studied for closure have been released. They’re safe for the time being,” Kalish said.

Kalish thinks that postal officials, instead of cutting, need to find new revenue streams from their coast to coast fleet of trucks and stable of facilities.

“For many communities, the post office is not merely a convenience, it’s part of their daily livelihood. It’s where they get their news,” he said. “It’s where they meet people and it’s how they communicate with the outside world.”

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One Comment

  1. YuriLok says:

    half an hour searching the internet about it and not much information anywhere

  2. Kim Wilson says:

    You know they wouldn’t need to close any locations, if they would sell the advertising on
    stamps. I wouldn’t mind buying a stamp with an Aflac duck on it or a
    coke can. Speaking of coke, have the coke company put in coke machines
    and split the profit that wouldn’t cost a dime to generate funds. Or
    put up a large TV screen and sell adds on it. Or put in a personal card
    machine like at target and split the profit with the company. Or have
    Hallmark stock cards and gift bags and the government pays after the
    item sells. Even Home Depot sells candy at the register and the post
    office does not sell anything below the counter where you pay. If they
    could just think outside the box for one minute they would realize that
    eliminating jobs is the worst and least creative solution and creates a
    loose loose situation instead of a win win situation by keeping all
    locations open and increasing the demand for other companies products
    that result in a net increase in jobs and US production. Promote local artist
    art and sculptures from local hign schools and colleges on display at the post
    office. Put a price tag of $200.00. If it sells during it’s 30 days on display
    PROMOTING THE ARTS FOR FREE then the post office gets $100.00 and the
    artist gets $100.00. Everybodys parent or grand parent will step up and buy their art.
    Get the Rotary involved and have them buy displays and free standing walls that secure the art.
    (independent contractor consignment and advertising or leased space) Get outside the box. This
    has taken a ridiculous amount of time to solve properly. Sell gift cards for Gods sake! Promote
    American companies! Promote the arts! Promote not increasing unemployment with creativity!
    It doen’t have to cost a dime! Who could possibly be preventing this from happening already!
    Expose them please!

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