Dog Stabbed To Death After Altercation Inside West Philadelphia Home

By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A 30-year old man is behind bars after stabbing and killing a friend’s dog in West Philadelphia Tuesday.

According to Humane Law Enforcement Officers, the incident occurred at a residence on the 550 block of Jefferson Street.

The homeowner’s nephew had been keeping two dogs at the property and when he and a friend got into an argument, one of the dogs was allegedly stabbed six times, officers say.

“The nephew of the owner of the property at that location owns the two dogs. He apparently got into an altercation with a friend of his, that friend took revenge out on the one dog, and stabbed it, and killed it, then took off,” said George Bengal of the Pennsylvania SPCA.

The suspect, who was covered in the dog’s blood, was taken into custody.

A second dog was found in poor condition and removed from the site.

The suspect will likely face misdemeanor charges.

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One Comment

  1. CBSlocal =get details says:

    Lets get a picture of the Vick like turd. And lets find out who the sentencing judje is. Super size it..

  2. Kathleen Val says: one dog is killed and the other is taken away because it was in poor condition. Shaken my head at all of it. The poor dogs.

  3. kate says:

    the abuser should be locked up for a long time—- what was his logic behind this?? bottom line the poor animal was the one who suffered and the abuser will probably just walk away– whoever the judge is i hope he has a set of b—- and decides to throw the book at him

  4. Gra pe A pe Rules3 says:

    Vick, is that you?

  5. emjay says:

    My heart aches over this. I hope the owner gets proper justice.

  6. Suburbia says:

    What? A misdemeanor? Even if you treat the the dog just as “property” in the eyes of the law, the owner was robbed of his property and that would be a felony.

  7. Monica Sopuch says:

    The dog killer will likely face misdeamenor charges??? What? These laws need to become stricter on these animal abusers and the punishment/sentencing needs to be more severe.

  8. Anon513 says:

    That’s awful. I think the charges are too lenient.

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