All-In-One New Year’s Resolution

By Phran Novelli,

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You know, you can replace most of the most popular New Year’s resolutions with just one: Gardening.


Planting, pruning, digging and dragging mulch and soil helps you shed pounds, build bones, and firm flab.


That’s a lot easier with fresh fruit and veggies growing outside your door.

SPEND MORE TIME WITH FAMILY, and less time staring at computer screens – go out in the garden together.

SAVE MONEY – on health club memberships and greens fees and SAVE GAS by not having to drive anywhere to exercise.

RELAX. From the sheer physical effort, to the sights and smells of flowers, to watching wildlife, gardening is a great stress-buster.

GET MORE REST – If you’d do anything to get a good night’s sleep, start gardening. Believe me, it’s hard to keep your eyes open – much less lie awake at night – after you spend the afternoon weeding.

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  1. Janet says:

    Not to mention the health benefits of organic produce! It is so much healthier to eat fresh harvest. What we buy in the store is picked before it is fully ripe, so not as nutritious. I heard once that every day on the shelf it’s vitamin content diminishes by half.

    I just wrote a blog article that looks at a different aspect, how does one’s home work against personal goals, and how can remodeling help?

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