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By Michelle Durham

Todd Quinones reports…

By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Breastfeeding Moms are showing up at Target stores across the country, after 500,000 of them joined a Facebook page to protest the treatment of a Houston area woman.

Standing in front of Target’s Glen Mills, Pa. location, breastfeeding Mom Jamie Oyugi explains why they are there.

“A Houston mom, was at a Target in late November, and she was harassed by a couple of Target employees who told her to hide that she was breastfeeding. They also told her that she could be ticketed for indecent exposure. So we are here to defend our right to breastfeed in public.”

Target Spokesperson Stacia Smith read a company statement.

“Guests who choose to breastfeed in public areas of the store are welcome to do so without being made to feel uncomfortable. We support the use of fitting rooms for women who wish to breast feed their babies even if others are waiting for the fitting rooms. And we continue to educate our team members in stores across the country.”

Jamie says breastfed babies eat on demand and by doing so it also keeps the milk flowing. Target officials say they worked with that Houston Mom to address her concerns.

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