Sharon Hill, Pa. Cop Accused of Roughing Up SEPTA Commuters

By Brad Segall
SHARON HILL, Pa. (CBS) — A Delaware County police officer is free on $50,000 bail after his arrest in connection with an incident earlier this month at a SEPTA trolley stop in Sharon Hill.

Sharon Hill cop Stephen Capizzi is facing ten misdemeanor and summary offenses including simple assault, harassment, and tampering with a police report.

Delaware County prosecutors say the 27-year-old Collingdale resident patted down two men, asking about drugs.

When a woman they were with intervened, authorities say Capizzi began shaking her and threw her to ground.

He’s also accused of punching two of the commuters at the trolley station.

Police say he then altered the police report describing what happened.

Capizzi joined the Sharon Hill Police Department nearly three years ago.  His next court date is scheduled for January 10th.

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One Comment

  1. noname says:

    ha, reminds me a OC MD cop that patted me down when he pulled me over. there was cause to pull me over i admit to going over the speed limit. the other officer with him pulled him aside and said you shouldn’t be doing that. i was scared because he was yelling at me from the second he came up to my window. i tried to report this later but the commander flipped out on the phone and i realize i’m not going to get anywhere. i don’t have the resources to fight back.

  2. cops are crooks too says:

    he’s just like the ones in norristown harassing the public when they report crimes and accusing the reporting people of be criminals. that’s why people don’t bother to snitch to them cause they have a lot of crooks in those blue uniforms.

  3. Smukers says:

    What piece of waste, for a copper.

  4. Jim Wilmer says:

    Maybe he wasn’t meant to be a cop!

    1. Bill says:

      Ya THINK?????????????

  5. Zzbar says:

    And you want me to like cops? I know there are three sides to every story, so don’t bother saying it.

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