Philadelphia Red Light Cameras Will Live For Another Six Months

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – Governor Corbett is expected to sign a bill that will give Philadelphia’s red light camera program a six-month reprieve.

Philadelphia’s red light camera program would have expired at the end of the month, unless extended by state law. A bill to continue the program six months was sent to Governor Corbett by the House Tuesday, but not without considerable debate. Philadelphia Democrat Michael McGeehan says he originally voted against the program, but now believes it is a safety tool.

“Believe me, as a cynic who voted against red light cameras ten years ago, I’ve seen the direct results in Philadelphia.”

But another Philadelphia Democrat, Tony Payton, said residents of the city have no say in how and where the cameras are deployed.

“It’s very haphazard and without process.”

A spokesman for the Senate majority leader says the Philadelphia program is being extended for six months only to allow time for more discussion of red light cameras, including the possibility of adding Pittsburgh and other larger communities.

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  1. Tom McCarey says:

    Every motorist in Pennsylvania needs to conttact their Senator and Representative, all members of both Transportation Committees, and the Governor and demand that photo traffic enforcement of any kind be permanently banned in Pennsylvanis. Cameras cause crashes, injuries and fatalities in return for corporate and individual profit. The legislators are guilty of a conflict of interest. Would they buy a product that might injure or kill them? Of course not. Then why are they buying cameras for US?

  2. James C. Walker says:

    This bill authorizes another six months of reduced safety for Philadelphia citizens and visitors. In almost every case, safer and longer yellow intervals on the lights would reduce violations by MORE than ticket camera program being used. These cameras are VERY profitable ($20 million in net profit after expenses), as revealed in the House Transportation Committee hearing on 11/14/11 by the groups which have strong financial conflicts of interest to see them kept in place. If the yellow intervals were set to maximize safety, the revenue collected would drop drastically and the cameras would likely be removed as a severe financial loss. The simple fact that the cameras are so profitable is proof that the lights are NOT engineered for maximum safety. Note that I spoke at the hearing for the National Motorists Association and presented a long series of references and unbiased research to prove our position that engineering is the real answer to intersection safety, not punitive ticket camera programs. Note also that the data from the Philadelphia police department showing that accidents are UP, not down, at the camera locations was not presented at the hearing – probably because it was contrary to the data from the biased sources that share in the revenue from the cameras. Unfortunately, it looks like revenue won out over safety, at least for the next six months. If you care about safety, Pennsylvania citizens should start calling your Representatives and Senators to insist that the Philadelphia program be allowed to expire and that red light cameras NOT be allowed anywhere else in Pennsylvania. James C. Walker, National Motorists Association,, Ann Arbor, MI

  3. Jack says:

    Cameras do three things, bring in more revenue,bring in more money and add more dollars to the coffers which is exactly the same thing and is why they do it. Safety reasons are a bunch of B.S.

  4. ags2nd says:

    In every city in which they have been placed, red light cameras accomplish two things. First, they generate revenue…that’s why politicians love them. Second, they are responsible for an increase in rear-end collisions.

  5. noname says:

    it’s got it’s draw backs. one, you can’t fight the ticket, i once went through on a green and mid turn, it’s red. we all know that the timing goes off on redlights – 100 dollar fine, and the photo showed traffic from the oncoming direction was still flowing so they had the green still. but someone signs the bottom certifying the camera is in working order (well yes but the light isn’t). what do i do? take time off of work and lose more money or pay the extortion fee? also, people that are afraid of getting these tix slam on their brakes rather than follow through and there is a upswing in rear end accidents leaving injuries i’m sure and lawsuits. on the positive side. it stops the grid lock from the jer ks who go through the light to make their left or right turn on the blvd but nobody can move because access the the lanes people want to turn on are blocked. LOWER THE FINE.

  6. Advertise says:

    Red light cameras placed in accident prone intersections may improve public safety and save lives if they are advertised.

  7. says:

    I think they should keep the cameras, but maybe reduce the fine.

  8. Zzbar says:

    $$$$$$$$$ and kick-backs

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