Talkin’ Flyers, Concussions With Eric Lindros

By Lesley Van Arsdall

Today I sat down with Former Flyer Eric Lindros to talk about the state of the game and the leagues growing number of concussions for my ‘Lunch With Lesley‘ segment.

The Flyers are down three players due to injury right now. The league’s points leader Claude Giroux (concussion), Braden Schenn (concussion), and now captain Chris Pronger, who will miss the rest of the season due to ‘post-concussion syndrome.’

It’s not just the Flyers problem, it a league problem.

Lindros, who has had several concussions, says after removing the red line from play, the game moves a lot faster and therefore is more dangerous. On the other hand, he says guys are “more honest.”

He says, “It’s a beautiful game, but it can be safer.”
Lindros will return to the ice here in Philly along side of his former line-mate John LeClair for the Winter Classic Alumni game December 31st.

Speaking of the Winter Classic, let me know what you guys thought of the first episode of 24/7!

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One Comment

  1. Pierce says:

    The 24/7 show was fantastic. My favorite part is seeing how different the Ranger’s coach is from our Laviolette. Laviolette is so much more quiet, and even seems more like an adult.
    My least favorite part is all the swearing. I know HBO thinks it’s cool that they get to play the f-bomb all the time, and yeah, in high intensity sports like hockey, it’s not surprising, but I wish the show was edited or bleeped so kids could watch. I even personally didn’t like all the swearing. Maybe it’s part of why I disliked the Rangers Coach.
    Funny thing, every time he would scream at his players like a drunk uncle, they would cut to a Rangers player making excuses for him like an abused kid. It was really pathetic. In contrast, Laviolette seems like a quiet, stern general. The kind of guy who doesn’t need to raise his voice, because everyone simply respects his judgement and leadership.

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