Pennsylvania Man Admits Beating Girl He Thought Was Spoiled

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania man admitted repeatedly punching and kicking his wife’s 2-year-old daughter because he believed the girl was a spoiled princess.

Twenty-five-year-old Brandon Bishop pleaded guilty to aggravated assault Wednesday for a series of assaults between March and May.

Police say the abuse was reported by a relative who noticed the girl missing clumps of hair and walking with a limp. Officers who interviewed Bishop say he told them he beat the girl to make her tougher.

Lehigh County Chief Deputy District Attorney Matthew Falk says Bishop made no effort to hide the abuse from his wife.

The girl’s mother, Candace Watts, pleaded guilty Wednesday to child endangerment and agreed to testify at Bishop’s Jan. 25 sentencing.

The couple was married a few days before their arrests in June.

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One Comment

  1. she's just a breeder says:

    These so-called mothers are just breeders, having kids to hold on to their “men” then when the man leaves they do anything to get another one and ignore the kids’ welfare. They should be put in jail but some of the judges let them plead their bellies and they get off to do it again. I believe in helping even with welfare but when this happens the kids should be taken away and the mothers/breeders not allowed to collect welfare or any other benefits for kids

  2. Chelle says:

    It just shows how far we have de-evolved as a society. These poor excuse for mothers, are allowing these POS significant others to abuse their children. When will it stop?

    This is not something that is new…the news is ripe with these poor excuses for “mothers” who have allowed they significant others to harm their children. Stop making excuses for them, lack of education, race, etc. Should not stop you from being a good parent, and being a protective parent. They have just brought lambs to the slaughter, period!

    Neither one should be allowed to be free. You cannot be a parent? Then get sterilized. Easy fix.

  3. Jacqueline Herbert-Nixon says:

    That excuse that a person is too scared to defend and protect their own child that is incapable of defending themself? Basically you are choosing yourself over the child. You are saying it is better for me to let someone beat you to death rather than me. If anyone is abusing my child, just know that I am a dead woman! Unacceptable. I am glad they were both arrested.

  4. Coaster says:

    Carolyn, she was probably too scared to *not* be in on it. She may have felt that if she stuck around, she’d have a measure of control over the abuse, but if she broke up with him, he could show up at any time and would do something worse to both of them, because then he would be angry.

    1. Marcella Maynard Thomason says:

      What???? I don’t think so. She was probably to scared she would have to sleep alone, or, have to pay the bills alone!

  5. Carolyn says:

    OMG…The child’s mother was even in on it!!!

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