Stigall Show Log 12.14.11

Chris_Stigall Chris Stigall
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5:40 Newt Gingrich went after Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital.

6:10 Former New Jersey Governor testified before the Senate yesterday about the $1.2 billion lost by MF Global while he was CEO.

6:25 Former Penn State Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky waived his preliminary hearing and will proceed to trial in case of child sex abuse.

6:40 Chris talks to Gregory Gianforcaro, an attorney who deals with child sex abuse cases, about the Jerry Sandusky proceedings.

7:10 The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending not using your cell phone while driving.

7:41 The Philadelphia School District Webmaster expects to be fired for secret projects directed by former Superintendent Arlene Ackerman.

8:40 Chris talks to Kansas Senator Pat Roberts about Jon Corzine’s testimony regarding the missing money from his firm, MF Global.


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