Stigall Show Log 12.13.11

Chris_Stigall Chris Stigall
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5:40 Rick Perry released an ad yesterday focusing on Mitt Romney’s $10,000 bet proposal from Saturday’s debate.

6:25 Former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine will testify in front of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee later today about the $1.2 Billion that went missing from MF Global while he was their CEO.

6:40 Actor Alec Baldwin was kicked off a flight for refusing to turn off his cell phone.

7:10 Chris talks to Matt Brouillette from the Commonwealth Foundation about a controversial ad that had to be pulled by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

7:25 A preliminary will be held today in the sexual abuse case against former Penn State Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

8:40 Chris talks to Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach about the Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case of Arizona’s illegal immigration law.