Salvation Army Has Warning After 3 Red Kettles Stolen In Northeast Philadelphia

By Kim Glovas and Jericka Duncan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Salvation Army wants to make sure those looking to give this holiday season are not being ripped off because of a recent alarming trend.

Randall Thomas, with the Salvation Army, says three of their trademark red kettles have been stolen from bell ringers within the past few weeks.”The Salvation Army started experiencing a rash of theft of our red kettles at two Acme markets (in Northeast Philadelphia). One was on the 6600 block of Roosevelt Boulevard. The other was 8200 block of Roosevelt,” Thomas explained.

Eyewitness News was first to speak to the volunteer at the 6600 block location when a man wearing a hoodie ran off with the red bucket.

“He seemed as though he was going to drop money in the bucket and then he stole it,” said the volunteer who goes by Ora. “I didn’t let it stop me. I continue on because it’s a good cause for the children.”

It’s a good organization for adults too. Ora shared that she once leaned on the Salvation Army for help. Now that she’s a full-time home health aid she decided to spend one of her off days, giving back.

“That’s an occurrence that happens frequently,” said Thomas. “People who were helped want to come back to the organization to help out.

Thomas is hoping police can help by finding the suspects. “From the descriptions we have, we think it’s a different person,” said Thomas.

Thomas says those who took the kettles may be using them to make a profit of their own using tactics their volunteers do not use.

“The Salvation Army won’t take that kettle off of that stand and walk out on the street corner and come up to your car window or go door-to-door in the neighborhood,” he said.

So, the Salvation Army is warning people to only give to the Salvation Army under certain circumstances.

“It should be in a store front with an unidentifiable Salvation Army bell ringer, standing next to a red kettle hanging on a tripod with a Salvation Army sign on top,” Thomas said.

Thomas says those stealing the kettles are likely to have financial trouble. But he says they are taking away from others also having a tough time.

As for Ora, she says she will be back next year to volunteer. “Lord willing, I surely will,” she said.

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One Comment

  1. Jim Wilmer says:

    Again; where is the person who is with the kettle? Yea; everyone needs to use the facilities; but you don’t leave the kettle!!!!

    1. Bob says:

      Some people are so stupid. If they went to their local Salvation Army office they would probably get more help than stealing a 1/2 bucket of spare change would give them…

  2. PhillyShipHasSunk says:

    It would be more newsworthy if kettles in Philly WEREN’T stolen.

  3. Linda says:

    Where’s the description of the thieves and where was the “bell-ringer” when the kettles were stolen ? Sounds fishy to me.

  4. Linda says:

    Where’s the description of the thieves and where was the “bell-ringer” when the kettled were stolen ? Sounds fishy to me.

  5. walter12 says:

    The residents of large parts of Philly are so degraded, so evil, so desperate, that they will do anything for a dollar or a dope hit. One must be insane or have a death wish to go to these large parts of Philly today. The city is on the point of anarchy and ruin.

  6. Mark says:

    I’d bet my next year’s pay those responsible are Obama supporters.

  7. pitter43 says:

    Isn’t obama’s Amerika a wonderful thing to behold?

  8. Pomona Pete says:

    An unprotected kettle of money on the streets of Philly? Are you nuts? Given the packs of savages running wild, what sort of naive sentimentalism…

  9. Jim Buzz says:

    ALL of Philly sucks. It’s a giant sewer.

  10. atomicneon says:

    Why are there charities on the corners still? Doesn’t Obama collect all the money for them now? I’m all out of CHANGE!

  11. borninmombassa says:

    Must just be some Irish kids gone bad? or the whole city sucks, maybe the black panthers can guard the kettles with billy clubs. What a life, what a hell hole.

  12. Randall Lape says:


  13. AdrienneM says:

    Make sure they are standing where there is video surveillance, so we can track the effin’ losers DOWN.

  14. Spanky says:

    The perps are community activists who are merely redistributing the wealth, just like Obama wants.





    1. Rhonda Mundy says:

      Seriously, no it’s not understood.

  16. rkarin says:

    Philly should be bombed flat and made into a park and ride lot for NYC.

    1. borninmombassa says:

      What a Demo-cat hell hole.

  17. rokko says:

    and what COLOR are the people who stole the kettles?

    Political correctness is dead and so over with…..its ok to ask this question

    1. JByrd42 says:

      I think you already know the answer. Where’s Jackson and Sharpton when you need them? Oh, I forgot. It’s not considered a hate crime.

  18. atommc says:

    Where was Jon Corzine at the time in question?

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