Philadelphia City Council Approves Bar Bouncer Training Bill

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Bar bouncers are going to have to bone up on crowd control: City Council has given final approval to a measure requiring that all bouncers get proper training.

The vote was unanimous as Council approved a bill that requires all bar bouncers to register with the city, and in order to register they must first take a training course in crowd management.

The sponsor, Councilman Bill Greenlee, expects the mayor to sign it into law. Then, he says, begins the task of working out procedures for putting it in place.

“To work out exactly how much training, what you have to do to get it, who’s qualified to provide it, that kind of thing.”

Greenlee is pleased that bars and restaurants are on board.

“But I think they realize there is a problem out there, and they are concerned both about image and about lawsuits.”

The bill does stipulate that the bouncer training course must be offered by a third party, like a security firm, not the bar itself.

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One Comment

  1. Robert says:

    To the comment by Mr. Clemens; The alcohol industry is not over regulated and not restricted by too many rediculous laws. Most of the laws dealing with bars and clubs have been in effect for over 20 years. The new Philly law will raise the standard for “bouncers” or in house guards AND will absolutely raise their level of expertise… SO, what was it you said? Oh yeah, “the occasional bouncer gets a little power hungry and roughs up a patron”…. this law should help prevent this from occasionally occurring.

    To the comment by Pennypacker; The root of the problem isn’t excessive consumption of alcohol. Instead, it’s the lack of control of the guests who might consume to excess and to understand why and how to correctly control these out of control guests, a “bouncer” should be trained professionally and in the topics that are necessary to raise their level of expertise.

    Finally, in January of this year, California became the first state in the country to mandate job specific training for the in house guard or bouncer. The law also requires that the guard register with the state and receive a full criminal background check. The California training requires a total of 16 hours in job specific tasks such as Powers to Arrest, Search and Seizure, Conflict Resolution and Force, Alcohol Liability, Recognition of Fake and Borrowed ID, Terrorism Awareness and Disaster Preparedness and other topics.

    Training makes better employees. Training in house guards will create a better guard. Training will lower calls for police service, lower incident’s of violence, help prevent underage drinking and so much more. Training bouncers is not a good thing, it’s a great thing.

    Nightclub Security Consultants

  2. Robert Clemens says:

    Just what we need, more laws. While the occasional bouncer gets a little power hungry and roughs up a patron on rare occasion, this really isn’t a out of hand problem. Wish city council would worry more about their own internal problems then worry about small problems like this.

  3. H.E. Pennypacker says:

    I believe a nice badge that states “registered bouncer” should be given to all of graduates of the course! Ha Ha.

    Please look at the root of the problem, excessive consumption of alcohol by the patrons of the establishments is the root cause.

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