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Gloucester County Company To Lay Off 600 Workers After ‘Industrial Sabotage’

By Jericka Duncan

SWEDESBORO, N.J. (CBS) — A direct mailing company in South Jersey says it has no choice but to cut the hundreds of jobs after vandals ruined an expensive printing press.

Police say damage to the rare press is estimated at $30 million, and company officials say that’s the reason why DGI Services sent letters to 600 workers who will be let go between now and the end of January.

“It’s just shocking,” said one employee, who didn’t want to be identified. She confirmed that she worked at DGI Services in Swedesboro, New Jersey.

But as of January 31st, she and hundreds of other employees will be without jobs.

“I have two kids, a house payment, I don’t know what I’m going to do,” the woman said.

Earlier this week, the company sent workers a letter, citing “industrial sabotage” as the reason why DGI is closing all five of its facilities nationwide–two in the south jersey communities of Swedesboro and Bridgeport. Six-hundred part-time and full-time employees have been affected.

Gloucester County’s Director of Economic Development Lisa Morina is baffled by “industrial sabotage” as the reason for the company’s shut down. She said they had plans to expand.

CBS 3 has also learned that on November 14th, Woolwich Township police responded to the DGI facility in Swedesboro. Authorities say someone broke-in and damaged computer equipment and a digital printing press that was so rare there are only four others like it in the world. The damaged totaled $30 million, and the investigation has now been turned over to the FBI.

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One Comment

  1. addmetothelist says:

    The criminals name is “Dean Topolinski” Just google his name and you’ll see that he has experience at this game. As soon as the employees were “allowed” to know who the new owner was and checked him out the smart people knew where DGI was headed we just didn’t know when. He’s played this game before and knows where the holes in the law are and how to use them to his advantage. When he was getting rid of people that were bringing in big accounts we knew the end was near. You see bringing in business wouldn’t work with his plan. The machines that were damaged were either “leased” which were due to be purchased or the machine that the news is refering to as one of only 4, however, they neglect to say that it’s a very expensive piece of machinery that is outdated and isn’t paid for. So the need for an insurance claim because it was something that couldn’t be sold off. A 7 year old could see that the break in was an inside job. But it had to be done so he could get the loop hole in the warn act and not pay the employees severance when he shut the place down. This guy belongs in jail for what he’s done to all these employees. The feds need to get on the stick before he locks the place up and slithers back to Canada. We have a feeling it will be by the end of next week if that long. We can see the left over work being pushed out and the sooner that happens the sooner he’ll be gone. He’s already sent his lackeys on their way that he brought in from out of state to help him pull this off. He needs to be taken down!!!!!!!!!

  2. AnotherHappyWorker says:

    Jan 31st? We were told we will be laid off before the month of December is over. And for the record, we were told Dec. 5th. The owner is thief, liar, and cheat. He doesn’t pay his vendors, he doesn’t pay his workers, no raises in nearly 4 and a half years that I have been there. He steals and steals. Eventually, he will get caught. We all hope it’s this time!

  3. workingstiff says:

    I worked in the California facility. We got no notice or severance. Merry Christmas to us.

  4. Huh? says:

    They weren’t insured?

    1. addmetothelist says:

      Of course he IS insured.That’s exactly why he”s doing this,for the insurance. it’s been reported that there was 30 million dollars in damage.
      Is it a coincidence that is the same amount that Chrysler and GM is suing him for?
      This snakes middle name is ‘Coincidence”!

  5. grumpy says:

    Sounds more like employer sabotage to the employees== outsourcing?

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